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FIX: VPN not hiding location (8 foolproof hacks)

If you’re trying to access services that track you down by GPS instead of IP, then your regular VPN won’t be able to hide your location. Examples include Waze, Google Maps, and Tinder.

A VPN isn’t designed to change your GPS location. However, if you’re an Android user, look for apps in the Play Store for this purpose.

If you prefer using a VPN with integrated features for changing your GPS location, use Surfshark (buy here).

It’s an excellent premium VPN service that supports unlimited connections. And its Android app can take over your GPS.

An alternative solution is to disable location services in your web browser. But you won’t be able to use those services anymore.

  • In Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced > Location
  • In Firefox, head over to Options > Privacy and Security > Permissions > Location
  • In Opera, visit Settings > Websites > Location
  • In Microsoft Edge, check out Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Location

Once you reach the location settings, you can manage permissions by disabling access to your current location for each online service.

Geolocation API is one of the easiest ways for online apps and services to find your location. It’s accurate, easy to use, and unaffected by your VPN.

To test this, connect to your VPN and run a geolocation test using this tool.

How to enable VPN killswitch

A VPN kill switch is an excellent addition to any VPN service. It automatically cuts off all Internet access on your device if the VPN drops unexpectedly.

So, the kill switch prevents IP leaks that could occur in the time it takes your VPN client to reconnect.

Private Internet Access (buy here) is a prime example of a virtual private network solution with a built-in kill switch. You can quickly find and activate it from the settings panel.

To recap, you should fix any problem caused by your VPN, even if it doesn’t hide your location.

Avoid using a free VPN, keep your VPN app updated to the latest version, and disable WebRTC leaks in your web browsers.

You can also connect to another VPN server, visit only HTTPS websites, and change your GPS location or disable the geolocation API.

Lastly, it’s essential to get equipped with a reliable VPN service that comes with a kill switch, such as Private Internet Access (buy here).

FAQ: Learn more about VPN and location settings

  • Why is my VPN not hiding my location?

Your VPN might fail to hide your location due to poor VPN security features, WebRTC leaks, or because you keep visiting HTTP websites.

  • How do I hide my location without a VPN?

You can use a proxy server, join Tor, or use a Smart DNS to unblock streaming content.

Yes, your VPN can be traced by the police. But it won’t happen if you don’t raise suspicion by committing any crimes.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in July 2018 and was revamped and updated in December 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

This post was written by Elena Constantinescu and was first posted to WindowsReport

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