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FIX: Steam does not remember my password (7 solutions)

Elena Constantinescu
by Elena Constantinescu

VPN Expert & Privacy Advocate

  • By default, Steam asks for your password every time you log in to the client to play games. It’s for your own safety since a hacker could hijack your account.
  • Many gamers try to make Steam remember their passwords at home so they can skip the login screen and play faster. But it doesn’t always work.
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fix Steam does not remember password

Too many passwords to manage? From now on, don’t forget any of them

Don’t try to remember all your passwords, you will need only one to manage them all! Keep all your passwords safe in one single place and access them easily with this dedicated password manager. This is what it does:

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We hope you enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Steam account.

It’s an essential step for protecting your valuable library of games.

Still, most gamers ask Steam to remember their passwords on their home desktops and laptops.

Otherwise, it becomes a drag to always have to log in every time you turn on your PC.

Unfortunately, many users report that Steam can’t remember their passwords, no matter what they try.

Here’s an example:

It’s happening for around 1 month now, steam doesn’t remember my password and i have steam guard active and its real pain logging in all the time.

posted by mBush on Steam Community forum

Don’t worry since we’re here to set you on the right path and help you solve this problem.

How can I fix the Steam client if it won’t remember my password?

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