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Fix Sling TV error code 4-310 and 4-402 in a few easy steps

Error 4-310 unable to watch recordings of games until the next day
Does anyone else have this problem? I can’t watch any of my recorded soccer games until at least 24 hours later.

In this article, we explore how to resolve the Sling TV error 4-310 and the Sling TV error 4-402, so be sure to check it out below.

How do I fix the Sling TV errors 4-310 and 4-402?

1. Fix Sling TV error 4-402

Sling TV error 4-402
  1. Search the program by using the built-in search function to find your favorite show, movie, or game.
  2. Click on the Search bar in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the name of the show and open it.
  4. Click on Play to start playing the selected show.

2. Fix Sling TV error 4-310

1. Play directly from the thumbnail

Sling TV error 4-310
  1. On your PC, log in to your Sling TV account.
  2. On the main page, click the Play button on the thumbnail.
  3. Sling TV should play your recorded shows without any error.
  4. At times, simply starting a recorded program from the app will clear the error in the browser.

2. Relaunch the app

  1. Open Setting.
  2. Go to Apps and select All Apps.
  3. Open Sling TV from the list of installed apps. Sling TV error 4-310
  4. Tap the Force Close button. Tap Yes to confirm the action.
  5. Close Settings and relaunch the Sling TV app.
  6. Check if the error is resolved.
Sling TV error 4-310
  1. Right-click on the Taskbar.
  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. In the Process tab, locate the Sling TV app process.
  4. Select the process and click on End Task.
  5. Next, look for the other Sling TV process that is running and close it as well.
  6. Relaunch the app and check for improvements.
  1. From the Home screen, open Settings.
  2. Select Apps, then the Sling TV app from the option. 
  3. Press the Force Stop button to terminate the application. Sling TV error 4-310
  4. Relaunch Sling TV.
  1. Press the Home button on your Apple TV remote.
  2. Scroll through the app, and swipe up when you see the Sling TV app.
  3. Go back to the home screen and relaunch the app.

3. Update Sling TV

Sling TV error 4-402
  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Search and open Sling TV.
  3. Tap the Update button to install pending updates.
  4. Relaunch the app and check for any improvements.

4. Reinstall Sling TV

  1. Open Settings, and go to All Apps.
  2. Open the Sling TV app.
  3. Tap on Uninstall. Tap Yes to confirm.
  4. Open Play Store and search for Sling TV.
  5. Install the app and check for any improvements.
Sling TV error 4-402
  1. Return to the device home screen,
  2. Launch Google Play Store.
  3. Click the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  4. Choose My Apps and Games.
  5. Select Sling TV, and select Uninstall.
  6. Select OK to confirm.
  7. Open Play Store and search for Sling TV to install the app.
  1. From the home screen, highlight the Sling TV app.
  2. Press the Star * button on your remote.
  3. Select Remove Channel and then select OK. Sling TV error 4-402
  4. You can reinstall the Sling TV app from the Roku Channel Store.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Sling TV app can help you fix any error that is triggered due to a glitch or bug in the app.

A newer version of the app usually comes with bug fixes and performance improvements, so be sure to always check it out.

The Sling TV error 4-310 & error 4-402 are common errors and can be resolved by performing some troubleshooting steps provided in the article.

We hope you found our recommendations from above helpful. For more suggestions, please access the comment section below.

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