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FIX: Paint 3D shows no export option

This issue has caused a lot of stress, especially if you used Paint 3D to create a complex work of art only to find yourself stuck in this situation.

Here is what one user had to say about this problem on the Microsoft Answers forums:

I have created a 2d project which saves okay into paint 3D in exactly the same way as many times before.  I have never had any problems saving to a file but today I cannot save it to a file – it saves but the file is empty – I cannot print it or share it.  The export option has disappeared so how do I get the image out of paint 3D so that I can use it?

It seems that the possible cause for this issue might be related to one of the latest updates. Some users have experienced this issue after updating, and others have not.

This makes solving this issue a bit tricky, but we provide you with the fastest solutions for this issue. Read on to find out what the troubleshooting methods are.

What can I do if Paint 3D shows no export option?

1. Try out Adobe Photoshop

watermark software

You’re entitled to be frustrated when Paint 3D shows no export option. You want the very best from every single creative project you’re planning, right?

That’s precisely why we’re telling you about this tool. Adobe Photoshop can help you achieve all your photo editing and graphic design tasks without looking over your shoulder, afraid that a new error might show up.

You’ll have plenty of cutting-edge tools at your disposal, not to mention that you can enjoy the creative power of Photoshop even on your iPad.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Try Adobe Photoshop now and you can forget about the problems with export options of other tools.

2. Troubleshoot Windows apps

  1. Press the Win+X keys, and select Settings.
  2. Inside the Settings window choose Update and security.Update and security - Paint 3D no export option
  3. Choose Troubleshoot from the left-side menu.
  4. Scroll down and select the option Microsoft Store Apps.
  5. Click Run the troubleshooter and wait for the process to complete.

3. Use a keyboard shortcut to open the export menu

In the case of some users, pressing the Alt+F keys on their keyboard opened the export menu, and they were able to export their project normally.

Check to see if this is also the case for you. If the menu opens, but you still can’t see an Export option, follow the next method.

This post was written by Vladimir Popescu and was first posted to WindowsReport

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