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If you’re getting Onenote error 0xE401065D, 0xE000145C, or error 0xE4010640 when syncing your notes, try again later. This is because these error codes indicate that OneNote’s servers are experiencing high traffic volumes. In other words, too many users are using OneNote, and the servers can’t respond promptly.

How to Fix Error 0xE401065D, 0xE000145C, 0xE4010640

Try Again Later

Since these are only temporary errors indicating OneNote’s servers are under load, try again later. Don’t close the app. Wait 5 or 10 minutes, and relaunch OneNote.

Don’t panic either; you won’t lose your notes. While you’re waiting, OneNote will constantly try to reach the servers to sync your notes. Eventually, the servers will respond, and the app will sync the notes. For greater peace of mind, you can also take a screenshot of your notes.

Log out and Use a Different OneNote Version

onenote sign out

If you’re using the OneNote app for Windows 10, switch to the web version and check if the error is gone. Of course, if you’re getting one of these errors on the web version of OneNote, launch the stand-alone desktop app.

Ideally, you should log out of your account before switching to a different app version. In this manner, you’ll refresh the connection between your account and OneNote’s servers.

Check Your Network Connection

To make sure the problem is not on your end, restart your modem and computer. If you haven’t completely unplugged your modem in a long time, go ahead and disconnect the power cable. Wait one or two minutes, and then power up your network devices.

Additional Solutions

We published many guides on how to fix OneNote sync issues. Check the posts below as well. Maybe some of the solutions listed there will do the trick for errors 0xE401065D, 0xE000145C, and 0xE4010640.

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