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Error code 0xe0001464 bxglm is one of the most common sync errors affecting OneNote users. Basically, this error indicates OneNote was unable to sync your notebooks due to network or server issues. Without further ado, let’s explore how you can get rid of this error and sync your notebooks.

How Can I Fix OneNote Error 0xE0001464 BXGLM?

Check Your Network Connection

Make sure your network connection is stable and you’re not experiencing any bandwidth issues that could randomly disconnect you from OneNote’s servers. Here are a few quick tips to improve your network connection:

  • Use a cable connection.
  • If you can’t switch to a cable connection, restart your router and switch to a different wireless channel. Or use a mobile hotspot.
  • If there are other devices connected to the network, disconnect them, especially if they’re streaming video content.

Add a New Notebook

add new notebook onenote

Maybe the current notebook got corrupted. Copy its content (text, images and other notes) and paste it in a new notebook. Check if you can save and sync the new notebook. If the error code 0xe0001464 is gone, you can delete the problematic notebook. Starting a new notebook and moving all underlaying sheets to it worked for many users.

It seems that OneNote sometimes has trouble handling your notebooks if multiple versions of the same notebook keep piling up. This increases the file size and OneNote sometimes fails to fetch all the data.

Update and Reinstall OneNote

Check if there’s a newer OneDrive version available and install the update. Launch OneNote, click on your user name, and then click Office user info. Navigate to Office Updates and select Update Now to install the newest OneNote app version.onenote office updates

If the issue persists, uninstall OneNote. Navigate to Settings, select Apps, click on Apps and Features and hit the Uninstall button.

Then restart your computer and install a fresh copy of the app.


To sum up, OneNote error 0xe0001464 bxglm indicates the app failed to sync your notebook. As a quick workaround, you can copy the content of the problematic notebook to a new file. Additionally, update the app and ensure your network connection is stable. Did you find other solutions to fix OneNote error code 0xe0001464? If the answer is yes, feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

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