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There have been many reports about Microsoft Teams not working on Samsung tablets. The app may fail to launch, freezes, and crashes, users can’t log in to their accounts or they get all sorts of error codes. Taking into account the large number of users that complained about such issues, we decided to create this guide. Let’s see how you can troubleshoot some of the most common Teams issues on Samsung tablets.

How to Fix Teams Issues on Samsung Tablets

Update Your App and Android OS Version

That’s the first thing you should do when you notice Teams doesn’t work as intended. Open the Play Store app, search for Teams, and hit the Update button to install the newest app version.

update microsoft teams app mobile

To update your tablet, navigate to Settings and select General. Then tap About tablet and select Software update. Tap Update to install the latest Android OS version for your tablet model.

Clear the App Cache

Clearing the app can help you fix a long list of glitches. The temporary files stored under your cache folder may sometimes interfere with the app.

  1. Navigate to Settings, select Applications, and then Manage Applications.
  2. Select Teams from the list of apps, and tap Storage.
  3. Then tap the Clear Cache button and launch the app teams app clear cache
  4. Check if you notice any improvements.

Speaking of your tablet’s storage, do ensure you have enough space. Free up some space in case you’re running out of storage space. If the issue persists, log out of your account, restart your tablet and then launch Teams again.

Give Teams Full Permissions

A number of users managed to solve this problem by giving Teams full permissions to access and use the tablet features. Go to App Management, select Teams, and select Give all permissions to the app.

Edit MS Authenticator App Settings

If you can’t log in to your Teams account on a Samsung tablet, the solutions below should help you to fix the problem.

Disable Usage Data

Other users solve this issue by disabling data usage for the Authenticator app during sign-in. Launch the MS Authenticator app, go to Settings and turn off Usage Data.

Turn off Battery Optimization

Alternatively, you can disable battery optimization.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Authorisation App.
  2. Tap the Menu and select Settings.
  3. Locate the option that says Stay logged in to your Microsoft work or school account.
  4. Then disable battery optimization. In this manner, Teams will be able to fetch your Microsoft work account.

Change MFA Settings

As an alternative, you can change your MFA preferences to only receiving a text message, instead of using the Authenticator app.

On the other hand, other users had to completely uninstall the Authenticator app to fix this issue. If you do that, don’t forget to clear the cache after you remove the app.

Close Background Apps

To prevent app conflicts, avoid running multiple apps in the background. Teams uses a lot of resources during video meetings and that could make your tablet slower than usual or even unresponsive. In other words, close all background apps when using Teams.

Exit all Office 365 applications on your device. Disable your mobile device manager and antivirus. Then start the Teams app again to test the results.

Check Your Connection

microsoft teams network problem samsung tablet
If there are multiple devices using the same network connection, disconnect them and check if Teams is running properly on your Samsung tablet. Having too many devices connected to the network may lead to bandwidth problems.

When attending Teams video meetings on your tablet, make sure no other devices are streaming video content. Or use a different network connection, if that’s possible.

You can also reset your connection.Navigate to Settings, select Network & Internet, and tap the menu button. Then go to Network settings reset and tap Reset settings.

If that did not work, unplug your router’s power cable, wait two minutes and then power up the device again.

Reinstall Teams

If you still can’t use your Teams app properly, uninstall the app. Restart your tablet and install Teams again. Hopefully, installing a fresh copy of the app  solves your problem.


If Teams is not working properly on your Samsung tablet, clear the cache and update the app. If you’re experiencing log in issues, disable data usage and battery optimization in the MS Authenticator app.

Did these solutions help you solve your Teams app issues? Let us know in the comments below.

This post was written by Madalina Dinita and was first posted to Technipages

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