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Microsoft Teams tabs are useful productivity tools that allow users to quickly access multiple services. Tabs are very versatile and can be anything from apps, files, and Wiki tabs to dedicated Microsoft Stream channels where you publish various videos.

Adding a new tab to your existing team channel may not always work. When this issue occurs, users usually get the following error message: “We couldn’t save your tab settings. Please try again.” Let’s see how you can troubleshoot this issue.

What Should I Do if I Can’t Add a Tab in Teams?

Change the Permissions

If you are one of the team owners, ask your colleague to remove you as a team owner and add you as a member. Check if you can add the problematic tab from a member permission level. Once the tab added, ask your team owner to edit your account settings again and grant you owner access permission again.

Alternatively, you can access the Teams Admin Center and remove yourself from the team. Then switch to a member account, add the tab and make yourself an owner again.

Add Yourself as a Member

When you create a team, Teams sometimes fails to add you as a group member although you are actually the team owner. Ask one of the admins to add you as a member and there should be no need to remove yourself as Owner.

  1. Login to
  2. Then navigate to GroupsActive Groups.
  3. Select the group and click on the Members tab.
  4. Click View all and Manage members.
  5. Select Add member and add yourself.

Check Tab Settings

Ensure that team members can add, edit and delete tabs. If this setting is disabled, that might explain why Teams couldn’t save your tab settings.

  1. Navigate to Manage team, go to Settings, and then expand Member Permissions.
  2. Locate Allow member to create, update and remove tabs.Allow member to create, update and remove tabs
  3. If the option is disabled, enable it, save the changes and check if the error is gone.

Use the Web App

If this issue affects only the desktop app, you should be able to add a new tab using Teams for Web. The new tab should immediately be visible on all Teams versions.

add new tab microsoft teams web

Additionally, make sure to use the latest Chrome or Edge browser version. Update your browser if you’re running an outdated version. Keep in mind that Teams doesn’t support all the browsers out there. Launch a new tab in private mode and check if this helps.

Update Teams

Microsoft regularly pushes new updates to Teams, as well as the other apps available within Teams. Make sure you have the latest updates for the Teams desktop app. Click on your profile picture and check for updates.

teams app refresh after update

Clear the App Cache

If the app cache is causing this issue, clearing it should immediately solve the problem.

  1. Right-click on the Teams icon in your taskbar and select Quit.
  2. Then type %AppData%Microsoftteams in the Windows Search bar to open the Teams folder.
  3. Next, delete all the files stored in the following folders:
    • %AppData%Microsoftteamsapplication cachecache
    • %AppData%Microsoftteamsblob_storage
    • %AppData%Microsoftteamsdatabases
    • %AppData%Microsoftteamscache
    • %AppData%Microsoftteamsgpucache
    • %AppData%MicrosoftteamsIndexeddb
    • %AppData%MicrosoftteamsLocal Storage
    • %AppData%Microsoftteamstmpdelete teams cache files
  4. Restart Teams and check if you can add a new tab now.


If you can’t add a new tab to Microsoft Teams, ensure the option to add, edit and remove tabs is active. Then, change the user account permissions, use Teams for Web, update the desktop app and clear the cache. Let us know which method worked for you.

This post was written by Madalina Dinita and was first posted to Technipages

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