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Snapchat is a very popular messaging app that lets you send snaps (photos and videos) to your friends. You can add various filters and effects to edit your photos or videos.

Not being able to send messages on Snapchat can be really frustrating. But that’s why we compiled this guide. We want to assist you in fixing this problem.

How to Fix Snapchat Messages not Sending

Maybe You’ve Been Blocked

If the recipient has blocked you, you may get an error message that says ‘Failed to send‘.

To check if someone has really blocked you, go to Stories. If you can’t find any stories from them, this could indicate they indeed blocked you.

Another method is to search them by their username. If the search does not bring back any results, that’s another element in favor of the hypothesis that you’ve been blocked.

The bulletproof method

There’s also a bulletproof method to check if you’ve been blocked on Snapchat. Create a new account. Then search for your contact using their username. Do they show up in the search results of the new account, but not in your main account? This means they blocked you.

In this case, there’s nothing wrong with your Snapchat account or device. You don’t need to troubleshoot anything.

Restart Snapchat and Check Your Connection

Simply closing and restarting the app may fix the problem. You can also log out and then log back in. Check if reconnecting to Snapchat’s server did the trick.

Ensure your Internet connection is working properly. If you’re on cellular data, enable Airplane Mode. Then reconnect to the network.

airplane mode android

Connect to a Wi-Fi network if that’s possible. Check if you can send messages on Snapchat while using the wireless connection.

Clear the Cache

If the issue is still there, try clearing the app cache.

  1. Tap on your profile and go to Settings.
  2. Then scroll down to Account Actions.
  3. Tap Clear Cache and then Clear All.

clear cache snapchat

Reinstall the App

If nothing worked, try uninstalling the app. Long press the Snapchat icon and select the Uninstall option. Restart your device.

uninstall snapchat

Then, go to the Google Play Store, search for Snapchat, and install the app. Hopefully, reinstalling the app will fix the messaging problem.

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