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Google Pixel has definitely got more flavor than other Android phones. Motion Sense works flawlessly, allowing you to control the device without even touching it. Face Unlock works every time you need it, and you can take perfect photos even in low-light environments. But that doesn’t mean the Pixel is perfect. Users may sometimes experience various battery issues. Some of these battery problems are minor, and users can simply ignore them, while others are quite severe.

Why Is My Google Pixel Battery Draining So Fast?

There could be multiple causes for your Pixel battery issues. We’ll list some of the most common ones below.

Certain apps are using too much battery power. Not all the apps installed on your device are battery-friendly. Some of them literally suck the battery life out of your Pixel. Video meeting and streaming apps are known to quickly drain your battery, so make sure they’re not running in the background.

Your battery is faulty. Maybe your battery got damaged, and it can no longer hold the charge properly. For example, using third-party chargers may damage your battery. The same is valid if you use your Pixel in an environment where it’s either too hot or too cold, or you expose it to moisture and water. Or maybe your phone is just old, and you need to replace the battery.

User behavior. If you keep your cellular data and Bluetooth on all the time, don’t be surprised if you need to charge your Pixel phone quite often. Needless to say, web browsing and video calls will drain your battery faster than voice calls.

How to Fix Google Pixel Battery Drain

Quit Battery-Hogging Apps

First of all, identify the apps that are putting a strain on your battery. Go to Settings, select Battery, and then tap Battery usage. Go to App usage since full charge, and check the battery percentage used by each app.

Battery usage google pixel

Force quit the problematic apps if they’re still running in the background. Next time, make sure to close them as soon as you no longer need them to prevent them from running in the background. Additionally, you may want to look for battery-friendly alternative apps.

Update and Restart Your Pixel Phone

Make sure you’re running the latest Android version available for your Pixel phone. Go to SettingsSystem → tap Advanced → select System update.Update Pixel 5

The latest Pixel updates may also bring battery and performance improvements that could help you to alleviate or solve your battery issues.

Then launch the Google Play Store app, tap the Menu icon and select My apps & games. Update all the apps that have the “Update” label next to them.

Change Your Phone Settings

Next on the list, review your current phone settings and edit or disable those that might be draining your battery faster than usual. For example, if your Bluetooth, hotspot, and location services are always on, don’t be surprised if your Pixel can’t power you for more than eight or nine hours.

How Can I Make My Google Pixels Battery Last Longer?

  • Disable your cellular data and Bluetooth when you’re not actively using these features.
  • Limit the number of apps that can send you notifications. Each notification that you get has a small but constant drain on your battery life.
  • Force quit unnecessary background apps. If you don’t use them, why let them run in the background anyway?
  • Running too many apps with active geo-locators will eat up your battery.
  • You can also restrict apps that are using too much battery power. Go to SettingsBattery → select the card with advice to restrict an app → hit Restrict.
  • Enable Battery optimization and Optimize for battery health (Android 11 and up) from Battery Settings.
  • Enable Dark theme, disable live wallpapers and smooth display, reduce screen brightness, and turn off your screen when you’re not using the phone.
  • Turn off keyboard sound and vibration, and disable Motion Sense.

Learn More About Google Pixel’s Battery

How long should a Google Pixel battery last? The battery life expectancy varies depending on your Google Pixel model and usage patterns.

  • Expect about 10 hours of web browsing and video playback for the following phone models: Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and 2 XL, Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Pixel 4 and 4 XL, Pixel 4A and 4A (5G).
  • You should get about 14 hours of web browsing and video playback on the Google Pixel 3A XL.
  • The Pixel 5 should power you for about 11 hours when heavily browsing the web and playing videos.

If you use your device for voice calls only, add an extra 10 hours to each Pixel model.

How do I check battery health in Google pixels? Navigate to your Pixel phone’s Settings → , select Battery → , tap Battery again, and you should see a quick report about your battery health. If all is well, you should get a message saying that your “Battery is in good shape.” For more information about battery use, tap More and then Battery Usage.


To sum up, your Google Pixel battery draining issues are the result of multiple factors working together. Some apps require more battery power than others, and your phone settings may actually encourage faster battery depletion. Not to mention that an old battery will die faster than a new one. We hope this guide helped you alleviate the battery problems on your Google Pixel device. If you’ve got additional tips and solutions you’d like to share with us, hit the comments below.

This post was written by Madalina Dinita and was first posted to Technipages

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