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Navigating your way through modern cities would be a total headache if Google Maps did not exist. Google’s GPS and navigation app helps millions of users worldwide to get from point A to point B quickly and safely.

That’s why many users panic when Google Maps fails to load the map. The app itself loads just fine, the location dot is visible, yet the map imagery isn’t showing and the streets are not loading. Or the map is just blank.

If you’re experiencing the exact same problem, TechniPages comes to your rescue with the help of this troubleshooting guide.

What to do if Google Maps Doesn’t Show the Map

1. Fixes for PCs

Delete the gsScrollPos cookie from your browser

If you’re experiencing this problem on PC, try deleting the gsScrollPos cookie. That’s a special cookie that Google often places in your browser that sometimes breaks certain features.

  1. Go to Chrome Settings
  2. Scroll down to Advanced
  3. Locate the Privacy and security settings
  4. Select Content
  5. Select Cookies and site datacookies and site data google chrome
  6. Select See all cookies and site datasee all cookies and site data chrome
  7. Type in the search bar to list the cookies linked to your account
  8. Locate the gsScrollPos cookies
  9. Go ahead and delete all of them
  10. Close and restart your browser and check if the map is showing up properly now.

2. Disable your extensions

Certain browser extensions might interfere with Google Maps, especially ad blockers and privacy extensions.

To rule out your extensions as a possible cause for this issue, go ahead and disable all of them. Then, check if the map shows up.

If it does, re-enable your extensions one by one to identify the culprit. Delete the problematic extension if you don’t really need it.

3. Update your browser

If you’re not running the latest browser version, Google Maps may not work properly. Check if there’s a newer browser version available and install it.

Speaking of browsers, switch to a different browser and check if the issue persists. If you’re not running Chrome already, go ahead and install it. Check if Google Maps is working as it should on Chrome.

2. Fixes for Android and iOS

First of all, disable all the apps running in the background and restart your phone.

Disconnect the phone from your car

If this problem occurs when you’re using an app to connect your phone to your car’s media screen, Google Maps will only display text directions.

For example, if you’re plugged into your vehicle with Apple CarPlay, you should be able to see the map directly on your vehicle’s screen.

If you prefer to see the map on your phone’s screen and get all the visual indications you need, then disconnect your phone from your car.

2. Update Google Maps

Many app glitches on Android and iOS can quickly be fixed by updating your apps to the latest version. The same is valid for Google Maps.

Launch the Play Store or App Store app, enter Google Maps in the search bar and check if there’s an Update button next to the app. If there is, tap it to install the latest Maps version.

update google maps.jpg

3. Check your connection

If your cellular data connection is not stable or you’re in an area where the signal is weak, Google Maps may struggle to display all the visual elements on the map.

Switch to a wireless connection if that’s possible. If you can’t, wait until you reach an area where the coverage is good.

By the way, if you know you’re going to travel to an area where the cell phone signal is weak, download and install the offline version of Google Maps. Or you can prepare and save your route beforehand.

4. Tweak location accuracy settings

Make sure your phone location settings are set to high accuracy and Google Maps is allowed to access and use your location all the time.

  1. Go to SettingsPrivacy → Permission Manager
  2. Tap Location to and make sure Google Maps can use your locationandroid permission manager location
  3. Next, go to Settings → Location  Advanced Settings
  4. Improve location accuracy by allowing Google Maps to scan for Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices even if these features are disabled.

location advanced settings android

5. Delete the cache

If you often use Google Maps on your phone, some of the files stored in your cache may break certain features and prevent the app from properly displaying the map.

  1. Go to Settings → Apps select Google Maps
  2. Go to Storage and tap the Clear cache button.

clear google maps cache.jpg

There you go, we hope all the elements are visible on your map now.

This post was written by Madalina Dinita and was first posted to Technipages

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