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FIX: Forza Horizon 4’s This app can’t open error

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2. Troubleshoot MS Store apps

  1. First, press the Windows and I hotkey to launch Settings.
  2. Click Update & Security and got to Troubleshoot to open the tab shown directly below.
    Troubleshoot tab forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  3. Then click Additional troubleshooters to open the troubleshooter list.
  4. Select Windows Store Apps and press the Run the troubleshooter buttons to open the window in the snapshot directly below.
    Windows Store Apps troubleshooter forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  5. Then go through the troubleshooter that opens to detect and fix app issues.

This is a simple solution, but it can help you if you’re having issues with Windows apps, so be sure to try it if you’re having Forza Horizon 4 this app can’t open error.

3. Reset Forza Horizon 4

  1. Press the Windows and I keys at the same time.
  2. Click Apps to open a list of installed software.
    Apps & features tab forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  3. Select Forza Horizon 4 in the app list.
  4. Click Advanced options to open the settings in the shot directly below.
    The Reset button forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  5. Then press the Reset button.
  6. Click Reset again to provide confirmation.

4. Clear the MS Store Cache

  1. Open the Win + X menu by pressing the Windows key and X at the same time.
  2. Select Run on the menu to launch that accessory.
  3. Type this reset command into Run: wsreset
    Run window forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  4. Press the Enter key to run the command.

Run a System Scan to discover potential errors

Restoro Scan

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Your cache can be the cause for Forza Horizon 4 this app can’t open so be sure to clear it and check if that helps.

5. Turn off the firewall

  1. First, click Windows 10’s Type here to search button to open that utility.
  2. Input the keyword firewall in the search box, and click Windows Defender Firewall to open that applet.
    The Windows Defender Firewall forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  3. Next, click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.
  4. Select the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall radio buttons.
    The Turn off Windows Defender Firewall settings forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  5. Press the OK button to save the settings.
  6. Try launching Forza Horizon 4 with the firewall off.

6. Temporarily disable antivirus software

  1. Double-click the Windows Security system tray icon to open it.
  2. Then click the Virus threat and protection shield button.
  3. Click Manage settings to open the options in the shot directly below.
    Real-time protection option forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  4. Toggle off the Real-time protection and Cloud-delivered protection settings off.

Users with third-party antivirus software installed should disable them via their context menus. Right-click your antivirus utility’s system tray icon and select its disable option to temporarily turn off the shield. Thereafter, try playing Forza 4 with your antivirus software turned off.

Once your antivirus is turned off, check if Forza Horizon 4 this app can’t open error is still there.

Note: Forza’s support team has confirmed the Avast, Avira, Sophos, Comodo, Trend Micro Maximum Security, Bitdefender Firewall, and Sophos antivirus packages stop F4 from launching. So, make sure you disable, or even uninstall, those third-party antivirus utilities.

7. Disable ReadyBoost and disconnect all unneeded USB device

  1. Press the Windows and E keyboard keys simultaneously to open File Explorer.
  2. Next, right-click any USB flash drive you have inserted in your PC and select Properties.
  3. Select the ReadyBoost tab shown directly below.
  4. Click the Do not use this device radio button.
  5. Press the Apply button.
  6. Click OK to leave the window.
  7. Thereafter, disconnect all unneeded USB devices from your PC.
  8. Then try playing Forza Horizon 4 after you’ve removed all the superfluous USB devices.

8. Clean boot Windows

  1. Open Run as outlined within the first two steps of resolution four.
  2. To open MSConfig, input this command and click OK: msconfig
  3. Next, click the Selective radio button if it’s not selected.
  4. Deselect the Load startup checkbox.
  5. Make sure you have the Load system services and Use original boot configuration checkboxes selected.
    Selective startup radio button forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  6. Select the Hide all Microsoft services setting on the Services tab to exclude Microsoft system services.
    Services tab forza horizon 4 this app can't open
  7. Press the Disable all button to deselect the remaining services.
  8. Click the Apply option.
  9. Select the OK option to exit MSConfig.
  10. Click the Restart option on the dialog box that pops up.
  11. When you’ve restarted Windows, try playing Forza Horizon 4.

Note: If this resolution fixes the issue, then an incompatible program or service was likely conflicting with Forza Horizon 4. Discord, Xsplit, Logitech G Hub, Sonic Audio, Warsaw Banking App, OBS, EVGA Precision, and MSI Afterburner are among the programs confirmed to conflict with Horizon 4.

So, those are some of the more likely ways to fix the This app can’t open error for Forza Horizon 4. Note that some of the above resolutions might also fix the same app can’t open issue for other games and software. Some fixes in our Windows 10 apps won’t open guide might also help resolve this issue.

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