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Fix: AirPods microphone not working [Mac, Windows 10]

How can I fix AirPods microphone issues?

1. Update your Bluetooth drivers

If AirPods microphone isn’t working properly, it’s advised that you update your Bluetooth adapter driver. Apparently, you need to download Bluetooth Headset Helper from 2013 for Broadcom devices to fix this problem.

If you don’t want to do that manually, you can always use tools such as DriverFix to update your drivers automatically. The software will scan your system and give you a detailed report about all outdated drivers.

Now you just need to select the driers that you want to update and click the Update button. The required drivers will be downloaded from the database and installed automatically.

DriverFix is simple and fully automated driver updater software, so if you need to update your Bluetooth drivers quickly, be sure to try DriverFix.

Other great features:

  • Fast scanning
  • 18 million driver files available for download
  • Driver backup
  • Schedule manager
  • Download manager for drivers


To fix driver issues and update drivers automatically, use DriverFix.

2. Use a Bluetooth adapter

bluetooth adapter AirPods microphone not working

Sometimes your built-in Bluetooth adapter can’t handle AirPods, and that can lead to issues such as AirPods microphone not working. To fix that, you might want to consider buying a new Bluetooth adapter.

Many users reported that they fixed this issue on Windows 10 by buying a Bluetooth adapter, so be sure to consider that.

3. Continue using the microphone

girl with headphones AirPods microphone not working
  1. Tap your headphones to activate the microphone.
  2. Keep talking and AirPods will pick up your voice after a second or two.

This is a simple workaround, but few Mac users reported that it worked for them, so you might want to try it.

4. Check your firmware

firmware code AirPods microphone not working
  1. Check your firmware version. Several users claim that the 3A283 version caused the problem.
  2. If you don’t have the latest firmware, try updating it and check if that solves the problem.
  3. In case the issue persists, it would be best to contact the Apple-certified repair center.

AirPods are great, but if AirPods microphone isn’t working for you, be sure that your drivers are up to date, or try our other solutions.

FAQ: Learn more about AirPods microphone

  • Why do my AirPods microphone sound muffled?

Apparently, Macs don’t have the same Bluetooth chip as iPhone, so your microphone might sound muffled.

This post was written by Milan Stanojevic and was first posted to WindowsReport

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