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Facebook is Discouraging People to Share Posts Older than 90 Days.

Facebook is Discouraging People to Share Posts Older than 90 Days post thumbnail.

What makes a good news story? Reliability, truthfulness? Yes, this are important facts to consider when sourcing for news. However, Timeliness is, in fact, more important than those 2 factors earlier mentioned.

This is because, an old news story, might no longer be relevant, and thus, the information provided in the story (though, truthful when it was written), can now be a misleading information. Here is what I mean.

An Example will make you Understand

On the 28th of May, 2020, I published a post informing my readers about How to Watch SpaceX Spacecraft Launch Live.

The launch has since taken place. And people who read that post when it was fresh found it helpful. However, if after the launch, I keep sharing the post, it will give people a false idea that there is going to be another SpaceX Spacecraft Launch. Which is not true.

So, you see my point.

Facebook Action Against Old Posts

Facebook have launched a new tool that notify you when you want to share a post that is more than 90 days old.

When you tap on the share button on a link post that is pointing to an article, which is 3 months old or more than, Facebook will pop up a notification similar to the one in the picture above, telling you that the article the link is pointing to is over 3 months old.

You will also be presented with 2 options. Option 1 is to tap on the Go back button, which cancel the sharing. Option 2, is to tap on the Continue button, if you want to still go ahead to share the post, because you are certain that the information contain therein is still relevant.

Why it Matters.

Facebook News Feeds favors post that are recently posted or shared over old post. So, when you share an old post (whether it is 90 days or 9 years old post), you are telling Facebook that the post content is still green, and so they should distribute it to Friends or followers via their News Feed.

And because Facebook wants to ensure that people have the best context they need to make informed decisions, they rolled out this old post notification, so as to encourage people to double-check the content of what they are sharing before they do.

What you can Do.

If you are the type that loves sharing articles, especially news articles. Please, double check them so as to be sure that the article content is not outdated.

If you have outdated old posts still in your Facebook profile, please use the Facebook Manage Activity tool to bulk delete those old Facebook post on your profile.

This will reduce the likelihood of it being shared by others.

Please, let join hands to keep our precious social media platform safe from outdated information.

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