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Facebook & Instagram is Becoming more Transparent.

Facebook & Instagram is Becoming more Transparent post thumbnail

Everyone loves transparency, that is why many people are advocating for democratic system of government. Many online platforms are also transparent as to how they work behind the scenes to provide their services.

Facebook and Instagram also do not want to be left out. It is because they want to be as transparent as possible that, they have just decided to make public the guidelines that they work with while recommending contents to their users.

Why it Matters (from a User perspective).

As you use Facebook products and services such as the Facebook or Instagram platform, you will notice that Facebook and Instagram show you contents from people you are not yet following or who are not yet your Friends.

The purpose of these recommendations is not to irritate you with contents from people you are not following. Rather, their intent, is “to help you discover new communities and content they think you will be interested in.”

So, with this Recommendation guideline that they just released, you will be able to understand how you actions will affect the contents or communities that Facebook or Instagram will show to you.

Also, you will also be able to understand why Facebook or Instagram is recommending something to your Friend, but they are not recommending it to you.

Why it Matters (From a Promoter Perspective)

Facebook and Instagram have become more than just a hub for people to connect with their family and friend. These platforms have also become an avenue for business to reach new users, or as they will put it, potential customers.

Now, these recommendation guidelines will be of particular interest to the marketing department of these businesses because, it will give them an insight to why Facebook is not showing some of their contents to people who are not yet following them.

Hence, with the newly released recommendation guidelines by Facebook and Instagram, they will be able to know, how they can best tailor their new and future contents. So that, with them needing to pay huge advertising fee, they will still be able to reach more users.

Amazing right?

The Facebook and Instagram Recommendation Guidelines.

Guy Rosen, a VP Integrity for Facebook says that, these recommendation guidelines was created based on their consultation with about 50 leading experts who are specialist in recommender systems, expressions, safety and digital rights.

Hence, users are promised safe and positive experience when using either the Facebook and Instagram service, even though they may see recommended contents from those who are not their friends or who they are not yet following.

If you will like to take a peek into the guidelines, here is the link to the guidelines.

For Facebook Recommendation Guidelines click >>> HERE <<<.

For Instagram Recommendation Guidelines click >>> HERE <<<.

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