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Everything You Should Know About Merging PDFs Online


Using PDF files is the easiest and most direct way of sending documents, at least ever since everyone started working from home. This file format allows users to open a file on different platforms and the best thing about it is that it keeps its content layout and formatting due to a PDF’s ability to enclose the stored data and graphics. However, it can be hard for people using Windows to merge multiple PDFs together before sending them because the main PDF manipulation program, Adobe Acrobat, does not allow free users to use that feature. There are many other ways of merging PDFs though, so keep reading as we highlight some of the ways users can adapt and merge PDF files online without using Adobe Acrobat. 


Why People Merge or Combine Their PDF Files

Sending PDF files also means that the recipient of those files has to download them before being able to open or read them. If you send a lot of PDF files, the recipient will have to download each one of them separately and then read them separately and navigate between multiple pages, which is not very convenient. People can use their laptops and computers and specified applications to combine all their PDFs together and send them as one file. This allows the recipients to spend less time opening and reading the documents and they do not have to download multiple files. While using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the standard and main manipulation program for PDFs, you will notice that the feature for merging PDFs is not available in the free version. This is why most people tend to go for online solutions when it comes to editing their PDFs or combining them. There are a variety of apps and tools that can be used online and offline to edit your PDF files before sending them. You just have to choose the trusted ones that you can upload your data to safely.

Merging PDFs for Windows Users

Combining PDFs on Windows requires a little more work from users compared to using a Mac. Mac users can use the Preview app which allows them to combine their PDF files easily without needing third-party applications or tools. For Windows users, some OS versions will let you view your file through the Edge browser, but they won’t let you make any changes or merge any of your PDF files. This leaves Windows users with two options. Either to use free third-party productivity applications or use one of the popular included apps that are usually available for free in order to merge or edit their PDF files. Some apps even allow you to split PDF files to reduce their sizes from singular big files into multiple smaller ones.

Other features let users combine two PDF files by shifting or going between pages from each document to combine them into one PDF file that has the front and back pages of actual documents. As a Windows user, you can also find a lot of freeware applications on the Microsoft Store that will help you in merging and splitting your PDF files. Additionally, you can browse the internet and find many other online resources where they let you upload your original PDF files and merge them to create one file.

In Portugal, for example, there are plenty of online PDF merging tools that either require a subscription or are completely free to use. When using any of these tools to unir PDF, which is Spanish for join PDFs, you will need to either sign up or pay for the registration of the service you need. Online tools are always better and more efficient than freeware apps that sometimes force users to have the same page size as the largest page in the PDF or as the first page of the file.

However, you will be more likely to find better visual assistance in commercial apps for managing and editing your PDFs. Commercial apps will let you take a look at your combined PDFs before saving them to disk, they will also let you see thumbnail images that can be controlled from a sidebar and dragged up and down to arrange and place your pages in order. 

Merging PDFs for Mac Users

When using a Mac, the whole process of merging PDFs can be simplified by using the macOS built-in software and applications that let you manage your PDF files before sending them. For example, the macOS Catalina Finder will let you create and merge PDFs from the Gallery view menu that shows you previews from the existing file that you are using. By using the macOS Finder, you can easily select the files that you want to merge in the order you want them to be in. Then the Finder will create a single PDF saved on your desktop that contains all the PDFs that you clicked on. Another feature that the Finder provides is that you can select TIFF, JPEG, and PNG image files rather than PDF files, and combine them to create one PDF file. This can be used to merge PDF and image files together too. 

merging pdf for mac

A Mac user will also have access to the Preview app which lets them merge and manage their PDF files in a much easier way. The preview app will even let you rearrange the files in a single PDF created or merge them using the macOS Finder. It is recommended, however, to create copies of the PDF files you are using while editing them with the Preview app because the app will save the files as you merge them or edit them. If you don’t like the outcome when working with the original files, you may not be able to reverse it without going through a lot of complicated steps. 

Merging or combining PDF files is not a complicated task and many resources offer this service online. You only need to make sure that you are using a trusted platform that can help you manage your files without sharing the content with the website. This happens when you use untrusted free tools on the internet. The best option is to stick with trusted websites and commercial apps or software that are guaranteed to protect your data and allow you to edit without hassle. 

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