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Everything you need to know about Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood HeroSource: WB Games

In 2019 Warner Bros. Games announced Back 4 Blood in a press release, and ever so recently we received a more in-depth look at the 2020 Video Game Awards. Back 4 Blood is a title that zombie genre fans have been waiting a long time for. This is a brand new cooperative zombie-slaying title by Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead games. Not a remake or a simple refresh of Left 4 Dead, but a bold new title for fans to enjoy.

Zombie-slaying action

Back 4 Blood

Bring a friend or two

Back 4 Blood is a brand new cooperative zombie-slaying first-person shooter title from Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead titles. Grab a couple of friends or go solo against brand new enemy types, new gameplay mechanics, and an all-new “Game Director” system.

What is Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood Extended Demo Gameplay

Source: WB Games (Screenshot)

Back 4 Blood is a brand new cooperative zombie-slaying first-person shooting title by Turtle Rock Studios. The same folks who created the widely loved and critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead games. Back 4 Blood is being published in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Turtle Rock Studios aims to bring the definitive next-gen co-op zombie shooter, a genre they created, with Back 4 Blood.

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Back 4 Blood story, gameplay and features

Back 4 Blood Extended Gameplay Demo

Source: WB Games (Screenshot)

Like most zombie titles, the story takes place after a devastating parasite has swept the world, destroying humanity. Most people have either become infected or have been killed by the parasitic Devil Worm and have become “Zombie-like” beings called the Ridden. It’s up to you to help rid the world of these monstrosities as apart of a squad called the Cleaners. You will no longer be looking for shelter to hide in, but instead clearing hordes of zombies to make areas safe once again.

Back 4 Blood Corrupted Cards

Source: WB Games (Screenshot)

You will participate in the usual four-player coop experience that Left 4 Dead fans are familiar with. This can be done with friends or solo with AI companions. There is also an eight-player PvP mode, where players can take on the form of a mutated zombie to give the Cleaners a rough time. Along with these modes is the addition of something called the Game Director. The game director will show a set of corrupted cards that provide a wide variety of randomized variables for each mission.

Back 4 Blood Survivor Cards

Source: WB Games (Screenshot)

Hopefully, this will provide a fresh, fun, and unique experience every time you go to play Back 4 Blood – even if it’s repeatedly playing the same mission. The cards can provide variables such as increased fog, large zombie hordes, and more mutated zombies. You will also get your own set of cards to help counteract the corrupted cards the game director has set before you.

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Which platforms will Back 4 Blood be available on?

Back 4 Blood Reveal Trailer

Source: WB Games (Screenshot)

Back 4 Blood will be available on a wide variety of platforms. The game is currently announced for Ps4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. You can currently pre-order the game and choose between the standard edition, deluxe edition, or ultimate edition.

When is Back 4 Blood coming out?

Back 4 Blood Release Date

Source: WB Games (Screenshot)

Back 4 Blood is currently set to launch during the summer of 2021, on June 22nd. Considering how recent events have been, the chances of a delay are always possible. This launch date could very easily be pushed to a later point in the year. This may not end up being the case, but the chance is always there.

Is Back 4 Blood “Left 4 Dead 3?”

Back 4 Blood Gameplay Demo

Source: WB Games (Screenshot)

No, Back 4 Blood is not Left 4 Dead 3. Turtle Rock Studios wants to do something more than what Left 4 Dead is while still keeping that same core gameplay that fans love. They are working closely with the community to help shape this title, ensuring that fans will get a product they will enjoy. The developers at Turtle Rock have also taken it upon themselves to playtest the game almost every day and have been doing so since the third month of production.

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