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Email Service That does not Require a Phone Number.

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Virtually all web-based service providers which users can create an account with, will require that the user provide their mobile phone number. Most email service providers are no exception.

But why do they really need my phone number? You may wonder. There are basically two reasons why almost all popular email service providers require your phone number. These are, for authentication purposes, and for keeping spammer away from their service.

Phone Number Proof you are who you say you are.

Let us assume that you forget the password to your email account, and you want to reset it. Which authentication option will you prefer.

To have a user authentication code sent to you via SMS, or to answer a security question? You might be going for the question.

The fact is, over the years, it has been noticed that answers to security questions do not really proofs that the person trying to gain access to the email account is really the owner. For with a thorough dive into the interest and history of someone (anyone) an hacker will be able to uncover the correct answer to the security question.

Seeing this fact, most email service provider opted to using SMS. For it is more secure, and your phone number belongs only to you.

Keeping Spammers at Bare

Have you ever noticed that, most spam emails you receive are not sent from popular email service provider? Do you know why?

It is because, spammers do not like having anything that can be used to identify them in the real world, attached to the email account information they provide when creating their emails accounts.

Realizing this fact, email service providers that want to keep spammers away from their platform, require that anyone seeking to use their service provides at least one personal information which cannot be faked, namely, mobile phone number.

Email Service Providers That do not Require your Phone Number.

After going through the explanation above, you will notice that the reason why most email service providers require that you give them your phone number, is not because they want to start monitoring your every action.

However, if you really cannot give them your phone number, probably because you do not have one, or because you do not have a mobile phone that is capable of receiving SMS, or any other reason you might have, below, I will be introducing you to 3 email service providers that will allow you to use their service without providing them with a phone number.

So here they are:


ProntoMail is an email service provider based in Switzerland and are under the strict Swiss privacy laws. They have been around since 2013.

An amazing fact about ProtoMail is that it allows you to send password protected emails, and emails that can self-destruct after a certain period of time.

Go to ProntoMail


This email service provider will not ask you for your phone number during sign up. They can be used with your desktop browser and on mobile devices via their mobile apps.

Tutanota offer its users end-to-end encryption of their mail, meaning, not even Tutanota employee will be able to see what you are sending or receiving.

To proof this fact, Tutanota has made their service Open Source, so that developers can go through their markup code and see for themselves, that Tutanota is being truthful.

Tutanota is free to use, and they offer their user 1 GB storage to store their emails and attachments.

Go to Tutanota is a news site like Yahoo, but the offer free anonymous email service that does not require you to provide your phone number before you can use their service.

Unlike Tutanota, offers its users 2 GB of storage, but for free users, they will not have an Ad free experience when using email platform is built-in with an Antivirus, which will keep you save from infected attachments, spam filter, mobile apps, and you can also import all your mails from other service providers into

Go to

Disadvantage of Email Service Providers That do not Require your Phone Number.

When you go through the features that Email service providers who do not require you to provide a phone number, you might be tempted to jump into it and start using them.

However, while I am not here to discourage you, I just want you to be aware of one fact, which to me is a disadvantage.

The fact is. Once you forget your log in password, you lose your account.

It is as simple as that.

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