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Easy ways to Download Videos from Twitch.

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For those who do not know, Twitch is a live streaming platform mostly used by gamers to stream their gameplay live, to their fans and followers no matter how large they are. They can live stream their gameplay to over a million fans at the same time.

Twitch is mostly used by gamers does not mean gameplays are the only videos on the Twitch network. The fact is, Twitch is categorized as a TV network, thus there are other fun and exciting videos you can watch from Twitch.

However, in this post, I will be teaching you how to download those Twitch videos so you can watch them offline, since like YouTube, Twitch does not offer people the ability to download videos.

How to Download Your own Twitch Videos.

While you cannot download videos that was live streamed by other people from Twitch official website, you can download yours. However, you need to first setup your account in a way that will enable Twitch to allow you to download them. You will find the guide below helpful.

Guide to Downloading your videos from Twitch official Website

After you have login to your Twitch account, click the drop-down menu found at the top-right corner. Then, click on the Settings option.

From the Settings page click the Channel and Video link, then navigate to the Channel settings.

While in the Channel settings, locate and Tick the Automatically archive my broadcasts option. After this, Twitch will enable your account to download your videos.

All you have to do now is, navigate to the Video Manager to see all your broadcasts. Each of your broadcast will be represented by a thumbnail. Either beside or below each thumbnail, you will see a Download button, click on it to start the download.

Downloading other people’s Twitch Videos.

In this article, I will be outlining 3 of the easiest ways of downloading videos that are on Twitch which was not live streamed by you. The first is using the Clipr website.

How to Download Twitch Videos with Clipr

First thing first. You will need to login to your Twitch account, and then locate the video you want to download.

After you have located it, copy the URL of the video on your browser’s address bar, then open the Clipr website. The Clipr website is

Once the Clipr website opens, you will notice that there is a wide box where you can paste the Twitch video URL you just copied.So, Paste the Twitch video URL into that box.
Then click on the Get Download Link button.

The next page will display a thumbnail of the video and the name. it that is the video you intend to download, just click on the Click to Download button to start the download.

Download Twitch Videos with Twitch Leecher

Twitch Leecher is a desktop application developed by Franiac. The Twitch Leecher app is a good alternative to the Clipr website because it offers you faster download speed for Twitch videos.

Also, rather than first having to login to your Twitch account as to locate the video you want to download then copying the URL, the Twitch Leecher program has a built-in browser that will enable you see all the public past broadcasts and highlight videos that have ever been live streamed to the Twitch platform. And you can download them without you needing to leave the app.

Guide to using Twitch Leacher to Download Twitch Videos

Download and install the latest version of Twitch Leecher.
As of when I was writing this post, Twitch Leecher version 1.8 is the latest, and you can download it from >>> HERE <<<.

After installation, open the app, and browse through all the public videos. If you have a video in mind, you can use the search function at the top to search for it.
The search function allows you to use the Video name, Video ID, or Video URL, to search for videos. Using the Video URL or ID is the easiest way to locate a specific video on Twitch Leacher, but that will mean you have to open your Twitch account on a web browser, locate the video, and then copy the video URL or ID to use on the Twitch Leecher app.

Once you have located the video on the Twitch Leecher app, you will see a Download button next to the Video thumbnail. Click on it, and then choose the format you want the video to be downloaded on, to start downloading.


Like I earlier mentioned, as of when I was writing this post, Twitch Leecher version 1.8 is the latest version available. If you are reading this post sometime in the future, it is best you check for the latest version from >>> HERE <<<<. before you click on the download button above.

In order to be able to install Twitch Leecher on your Windows computer successfully, you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 already installed in your computer.
Do not despair, if you are using Windows 10 version 1903 and above you already have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 installed in your computer.

Download Twitch Videos using Firefox or Chrome Desktop Browser

From the 2 guides I have outlined above, you will notice that, if you are seeking to download a specific Twitch video either using Clipr or Twitch Leecher, you will need the video URL. To get the video URL on the other hand, you will have to locate the video using a web browser.

Now, do you know, if you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome desktop browser to locate the Twitch video, you do not need either Clipr or Twitch Leecher to download the video? Well, if you do not know, I am telling you that it is possible.

However, it requires some technicality on your part. But that is what this article is meant for. So, I will explain how to go about downloading Twitch videos right from your Firefox or Chrome browsers without a third-party assistance.  Here we go.

Step 1:

Locate the Twitch video you want to download. Set the video quality and start playing the video.

Step 2:

Once the video start playing, pause it. Then Right-click on the video and click Inspect from the right-click menu.

Step 3:

Scroll down or up a bit until you see a line that has a link that start with https://clips-media-assets2 and ends with .mp4
The actual link looks different based on the video, but the starting and the ending is always the same with the one I provided above.

When you locate the link, double-click on it to highlight the link, then copy it.

Step 4:

Now open another browsing tab and paste the link into the address bar.
If you mistakenly copy any code, that is anything extra along with the link, remove it.
When you are left with only the link, that is, the link which start with https://clips-media-assets2 and ends with .mp4 then Hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
Doing this, should trigger the automatic download of the Twitch video.

Downloading Sub-Only Twitch Video

Some Twitch videos are not available to the general public, and so, you will be required to first subscribe to the Twitch channel that uploaded the video before you can view it.

Even after you have subscribed to the channel, you might not be able to use the Clipr website or Twitch Leecher app to download these sub-only Twitch videos. But you will be able to use the Downloading Twitch video using Firefox and Chrome browser method I explained above to download sub-only Twitch videos.

So, do well to read it again, if the Twitch video you want to download is a sub-only Twitch video.

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