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The developers of software generally have a good idea of what features would work well in their apps. They also tend to have a decent handle on which of the current features are popular or not, thanks to analytics. It can be harder for them to determine if features are actually liked or do everything they want. The most reliable way to get this sort of information is to directly ask for feedback from the users.

By providing feedback to the developers, you can help contribute to software development and potentially help to influence the direction of future changes. If this sounds like something you may want to do, then you should keep an eye out for opportunities to provide feedback. Dropbox offers an occasional email-based feedback survey. If you want to potentially effect change in Dropbox, you should sign up in your notification settings.

Tip: The most common feedback developers will be negative when features don’t work. Positive, constructive feedback will be relatively rare and can stand out, so try to make good suggestions.

How to Sign up for Dropbox Email Feedback Surveys

To configure your notification settings, you first need to sign in to the Dropbox website. From there, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then click on settings. Once you’re in the settings, switch to the “Notification” tab. Once you’re there, tick the bottom checkbox on the page labeled “Dropbox feedback surveys.”

Tick the checkbox labeled “Dropbox feedback surveys” in the “Notifications” settings tab.

Feedback surveys are one of the best ways for developers to get feedback on their products. They allow users to provide suggestions for improving features or for adding new ones. By following the steps in this guide, you can sign up for Dropbox feedback surveys by email.

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