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Feedback is important to the development of any product. While the creators or developers can add features they think will work, they won’t know everyone’s situation. Positive feedback covering things such as features you like and additions that you think would help you can help guide the future development of the product. Similarly, negative feedback, such as complaining about the usability or even the uselessness of some features, can change the development direction.

From this sort of feedback, the creators or developers can see what’s popular and what isn’t. From this, they can decide if they want to expand on a popular feature or fix an unpopular one. User feedback is either given in a private format, such as via email, or given publicly via app store reviews. Dropbox offers both public and private feedback options. Cheekily, they present you with the private feedback form if you indicate you have negative feedback and ask you to leave a Windows Store review if you say you have positive feedback.

Provide Feedback

To provide feedback in the Dropbox app, you need to go to the send feedback section of the settings. To get there, click on the cogwheel icon at the bottom of the column on the left.

Click on the cogwheel icon in the left column to open the settings.

In the settings, click on the “feedback” entry.

Click “feedback” to open the feedback section.

In the feedback section, you can choose to leave a windows store review by clicking “Tell us what you love.” Of course, the store review can be negative despite the label! Or, you can send feedback privately by clicking “Tell us what you dislike.”

If you chose to leave a review, leave a star rating, then click “Add a review” they type your feedback and click “Submit.” If you want to send feedback privately, simply write your feedback in the textbox and click “Submit.”

Choose to leave a review or provide feedback privately.

Providing feedback allows you to contribute to and potentially affect the future development of products. By following the guide’s steps, you can either leave public or private feedback on the desktop Dropbox app.

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