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Your password is the primary tool that keeps your accounts secure on the internet. You must use a long, complex, and unique password for every account you have. This makes it harder for hackers to guess your password and access your account. All of these factors are important, but probably the most overlooked requirement is uniqueness.

Your passwords must be novel for each site. If you reuse passwords, then if a hacker guesses your password on one website, they can access more. Conversely, if you use a unique password for every site you use, it doesn’t matter so much if one of your passwords gets compromised, it only affects that account, and you can change it.

With the number of accounts that most people have, it may sound unreasonable to have to create and remember a unique password for every account. This is where password managers come in. A password manager is an app that securely stores your passwords for each account in separate entries. All you need to do is remember the master password needed to sign in to your password manager and the passwords to access your devices.

How to Change Your Password in Dropbox

If you want to change your password to something unique or stronger in Dropbox, you need to do so from your account settings. To do so, sign in to the Dropbox website. Once you’re signed in, click on your profile icon in the top-right corner and click “Settings.” Switch to the “Security” settings tab, then click on “Change password.”

Open the settings, then switch to the “Security” tab.

In the change password popup, enter your current password and enter the new password you want to use. Once you’re happy, click “Change password” to save the change.

Enter your old password, then the new one, and click “Change password.”

Your password is the first and often the only line of defense protecting your account from hackers. By following this guide’s steps, you can change your Dropbox password, ideally to something more secure.

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