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Download YouTube Videos | Desktop & Mobile Guide

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Currently YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform. While TikTok seems to be trending, the video hosting capacity of YouTube outweigh that of TikTok or any other online video sharing platforms.

In fact, YouTube as become the go to hub for all sorts of videos that does not infringe the copyright of the video producers. However, while there are millions, possibly billions of videos currently on YouTube, the sad truth is, YouTube does not provide any official way for its users to download any video from YouTube.

So, if you wish to download a video from YouTube, you need to turn to third-party solutions. Currently, the best third-party solution you can use to download video from YouTube is

This website will not just enable you to download videos from YouTube, it also gives you video quality options for your downloads. And if it is a music you want to download from YouTube, you can opt to downloading an MP3, or AAC version of the video instead.

The Website.

The website is a very simple website to use, when it comes to downloading YouTube videos. All you need to do is:

Locate the YouTube video you want to download.

Copy the YouTube video URL from your browser address bar.
If it is a YouTube video that is embedded in another website you want to download, just right-click (if you are on a computer) or tap and hold (if you are on a mobile device) on the video and click Copy Video URL.

Next, open the website, paste the video URL you copied, and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

The website will load the video, and then you will see the different download option available at your disposal. Just click on the video quality you want and it will start downloading.

Here is a video guide

If the video start playing instead.

Sometimes, instead of downloading the video from YouTube right away, will start playing the video. If this is the case with you, do the following.

When you are on a computer browser, right-click on the playing video then click on Save as or Save video as option.

Then in the pop-up box, choose the location where you want the video to be downloaded to, and the video filename. Finally click the OK button, to start the download.
When the download start, you can exit the tab playing the video, it will not interfere with the download. But do not close the browser until the YouTube video finish downloading.

When you are on a mobile browser, tap and hold the video, then tap on Save Video. On some mobile browsers, once the video starts playing, you will see a download icon. Tap on the icon to start the download. Website Shortcut

Apart from copying the YouTube video URL, and then heading to the website to paste it, there is another simple way. That is using the website shortcut code which is SS.

To use the website shortcut code to download a YouTube video, just add ss in small letters to YouTube video URL, and hit Enter or Go.


YouTube video URL:

YouTube video with the shortcut code:

After you have added the ss to the URL and hit the Enter button, the website will open with the video already loaded. All you have to do now is to, choose the quality you want the video to be downloaded in and it will start downloading.

The shortcut code work for downloading videos from YouTube on both desktops (computers) and on mobile browsers.

The Helper

The helper is a plugin (add-on or extension) developed by to enable users download videos from YouTube without needing to leave the YouTube website.

Once you have added the helper add-on to your browser, it will activate a download button right on the YouTube video viewing page.
That is, when you clicked on a video to watch on YouTube and the video has started playing, a green download button will appear among the section where you see the uploader of the video, how many comments, thumbs up or down the video have gotten and others.

Once the green download button appears, click on it to start downloading the video without leaving YouTube. After the download as started, you do not have to keep watching the video, you can exit the video, but do not close the browser. helper example on a computer browser

For mobile device, it is only Mozilla Firefox browser that has the ability to have an extension added to the mobile browser. So, the helper extension can only be used with a Firefox mobile browser. At least for now.

Here is the link to the helper add-on for Firefox browser. While for computer users, they can get the helper extension from the website.
The website is

So, there you have it. The easiest, most reliable, and secure ways to download YouTube videos on but a computer and a mobile device.

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