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Download Windows 10 Lean, the smallest Windows 10 install

Compared to the Windows 10 Pro, the Windows 10 Lean download is 2GB smaller and it occupies half of what Windows 10 would normally do after installation.

How can I download and install Windows 10 Lean?

1. What is Windows 10 Lean all about?

In this OS version, 175 MB is destined for apps and games and drivers, programs and wallpapers are missing from this small version of Windows 10.

If you compare the OS with Windows 10 Pro, over 55,500 files are missing. Another feature of Windows Lean is the low resource usage. The 64-bit OS is using 1.5GB RAM and it’s great for a virtual machine.

It’s safe to say that Windows 10 Lean is basically a legacy-free version of Windows 10. For instance, the Control Panel is empty instead of being flooded with items.

You can still install Win32 apps on it, unlike Windows RT which doesn’t allow it.

2. What is Windows 10 Lean’s purpose?

Windows 10 Lean reportedly targets tablets with 16GB of storage space but isn’t limited to those.

The OS would also make a perfect base for an operating system that is based on C-Shell. But the cut-down version of Windows 10 would have to offer a desktop.

3. How can I download and install Windows 10 Lean

Use a different Windows user account

Update: In the meantime, Windows 10 Lean has become obsolete and it’s not available for install anymore.

The Windows 10 Lean ISO is still available on WindowslogItalia, but Microsoft doesn’t offer any support for it so we wouldn’t advise you to use it.

However, we have to thank Microsoft for another instance of the Windows 10 OS for low memory devices: Windows 10 S.

This post was written by Radu Tyrsina and was first posted to WindowsReport

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