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Download the Latest Google Play Store App (APK File)

Download the Latest Google Play Store App (APK File) post thumbnail

As a form of introduction, Google Play Store app is an application developed by Google for use on Android devices. This app (still talking about the Google Play Store App), serves as the store house, or warehouse as some might put it, for all other legitimate and official Android apps and games.

What this means is that, if you are seeking for a legitimate or official app for your Android phone or tablet, then Google Play Store is the go to center. For this singular reason, the Google Play Store app has gotten over 3 billion installs, since its launch.

You should also know that Google Play Store is popularly known as Google Play or Play Store. So, if you notice me mentioning any those 3 names in this article, know that I am talking about the same app, namely Google Play Store app.

The Problem with the Google Play Store App

Virtually all Android phones and tablets come pre-installed with the Google Play store app. That is why among the millions of apps listed on the Play Store app or website, Google Play app is not among them. Because your device is supposed to have it already.

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My Device did not come with Google Play Store

You might be wondering, I am using an Android phone/tablet, but there is no Google Play app on it. The reason is simple.

It is because your phone manufacturer has its own app store just like Google Play, and they want you to use their app store rather than that of Google’s. So, instead of preinstalling your phone with Google Play, they preinstalled their own app store into your device instead.

Nevertheless, do not despair. If you prefer Google Play, I have written this article specifically for you.

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Google Play Store App APK File Download Link

If you are seeking to download the Google Play Store app APK file because your phone did not come with it, then you should know that, for Google Play to work on your device, you will also need to download and install Google Play Services app. I will also provide it download link below.

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I have Google Play, but it is not Updating Itself

In this scenario, there are many reasons why you might be experiencing this problem. But the easiest way to fix it is to download the Google Play Store APK file above and install it.

Nevertheless, if you are keen at wanting your device to update the Google Play Store and Google Play Services apps automatically, then please, be patient. I am currently writing a detailed article that will elaborate on all the reasons and how to fix them.

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Is this not the Latest Version?

Forgive me. But please know that as of when I update this article, the APK file download link I provided was to the latest version of the Google Play Store and Google Play Services apps.

However, because Google makes regular updates to the Google Play Store and Google Play Services apps more frequently than I do to this post, there will definitely be a clash the version this article says is the latest and the actual latest version released by Google.

If this is the case, and you noticed it, please let me know of it via the comment, and I will update the link as soon as possible.

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