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Don’t miss these free PC games on the Epic Games Store

Free PC Games
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PC gaming doesn’t have to be costly, and the Epic Games Store is one of the latest emerging storefronts delivering value with its regular discounts and giveaways. It also packs a healthy selection of free-to-play titles, serving up various genres for absolutely nothing. We’ve rounded up the best free games you can find via the Epic Games Store today.

Staff Pick

If you’re using the Epic Games Store, there’s no excuse to skip on Fortnite, the company’s own free battle royale shooter and global phenomenon. It continues to pull millions with its addictive last-man-standing gameplay, coupled with regular limited-time events that shake up the usual, from Halo crossovers to in-game Travis Scott concerts.

Free at Epic Games

While soccer and rocket-powered RC vehicles aren’t an everyday pairing, Rocket League has thrived with this foundation for half a decade. It’s Epic-exclusive on PC, providing a surprisingly competitive middle-ground between virtual sports and high-speed racing.

Free at Epic Games

Hyper Scape burst onto the scene midway through 2020, providing Ubisoft’s answer to the battle royale trend. This dynamic shooter has its distinct twists, including a sprawling city host to vertical gameplay and unique “hack” abilities. It’s only available through Ubisoft and Epic on PC, making this a must-play on the platform.

Free at Epic Games

Staff Pick

This Diablo-style action-RPG is all about getting immersed in its isometric world, with plenty of quests and loot to grind through, all packaged up in a free-to-play package. It’s an online-only experience best-experienced with a group, and its reliance on cosmetic-only purchases makes for a compelling time sink you won’t regret.

Free at Epic Games

Rogue Company is the new hero-based shooter Hi-Rez Studios, the team behind SMITE and Paladins, designed with competitive, tactical combat at heart. It’s all about working as a team and playing the objective, re-investing your earned cash into weapons and equipment each round.

Free at Epic Games

Cuisine Royale has taken on a new name as CRSED: F.O.A.D., but it’s still the same gripping battle royale infused with kitchen utensils, albeit with some reworked features as the second edition. It has a free character rotation, ideal for trying out its available roster, recently bolstered with more content and a battle pass system to pair.

Free at Epic Games

PC gaming doesn’t need to cost a penny

PC gaming comes with dozens of leading free-to-play titles, many among the most-played out there, and supported by optional cosmetics and battle passes extend your experience. It makes it easier than ever to try these titles, representing some of the best PC games through the Epic Games Store.

For the Epic Games Store, you’re looking at several exclusives to consider, namely with the company’s own Fortnite. The hit battle royale has served millions over recent years, propelled into the spotlight with sizeable collaborations with leading brands and celebrities. That only builds on an addictive fundamental gameplay loop, where the fight for last man standing provides a thrill that never wears thin.

Also, don’t forget to keep your eye out for limited-time giveaways through the Epic Games Store, with the company handing out free titles to keep every single week. That also couples with 15 days of free games this holiday, with a new title emerging from December 17 through December 31 — recent highlights including Alien Isolation, Cities Skylines, and Metro: 2033 Redux.

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