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DoNotPay’s Latest Subscription Gives You Unlimited Burner Numbers for $3 a Month

An iPhone with the DoNotPay interface.

DoNotPay, the robot lawyer that works to get you refunds and cancel your trials, has another add-on for a new privacy-focused benefit to its subscription service. Unlimited burner numbers that deactivate after 10 minutes. That’s perfect for signing up for trials and services where you don’t want to hand over your real phone number.

One of the best parts about DoNotPay is its low cost. Whether you want its spam-fighting email service, help with getting out of parking tickets, or refunds you deserve, you only have to pay $3 a month. That single subscription gets you access to all of DoNotPay’s features.

The DonotPay interface with the "create burner phone" dialog pulled up.

The latest feature doesn’t focus on saving you money as much, though it can, as it does on protecting your privacy. If you abhor handing out your phone number every time you sign up for a new service or trial, you’ll like it, too—unlimited burner phone numbers.

A burner number is a phone number you can hand out without fear of being tracked. When you finished with it, you “toss it” and move on. Normally that’d entail buying a prepaid sim and starting a new plan, but DoNotPay’s system is a little easier.

A temporary phone number created for Netflix use.

Instead, DoNotPay generates a random phone number for you and activates it for 10 minutes. It links to your account, so any text messages sent to the number get forwarded to your real number. That way, you can input any single-use codes required for signing up for a service.

A text message code forwarded through DoNotPay

Ten minutes after creation, the phone number deactivates, and whatever service you signed up for can’t contact you through that number anymore. If you’re worried the rideshare of food delivery service you’re interested in will just sell your information (a distinct possibility), the burner number will keep your private info private. You can create as many single-use phone numbers as you need, so long as you subscribe.

DoNotPay’s unlimited single-use phone number system is up and running now, and you can access it by subscribing to the company’s service at the DoNotPay site.

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