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Most times in this blog, I recommend and provide download links to apps and other service providers.

Please know that those apps are not developed by me. I recommend apps and service providers mainly because I had a good experience when I used them, or because other people have reported their good experiences when using the app.

Know also that my recommending them does not mean that I am responsible for making the app or service provider do what they have promised to do.


So, I do not take responsibility for any action taken by an application or service provider which I recommended.


Some times, though in rear cases, I recommend an app or a service provider because I am a marketer for them. This does not in anyway affect the price you pay for the service when you decide to buy using my referral link. Referral links is just a mean of letting the service provider know that I was to one that ignite a desire in you for the service.

This also does not mean that I take responsibility for the action taken by the service provider. I am just an affiliate marketer, I do not have control over such actions.

Curated Contents

In this blog of mine, I curate content from other sources.

These are contents that those sources made available to the general public and not paid contents.

Curated contents are not in any way edited by me, they are tagged Curated, and a credit line is always placed at the bottom of the post.

Also, these contents have a noindex Meta Tag. Meaning, I tell search engines not to index curated contents in this blog. I do this so that it will not have a negative impact on the source site SEO.

Thanks for your understanding.

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