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Deleting Roblox Account is Not Easy But it is Doable.

Founded in 2005, Roblox is an online gaming platform that allows you to host and play your own online games. It also has game creation tools and thus Roblox can be used for game creation.

Roblox games can be played on devices running Android and iOS operating system. Xbox One console, macOS, Fire OS, and Microsoft Windows computers.

While Roblox can be used to create online games, the most outstanding of its features is that most of the online games in Roblox is multiplayer enabled. So, if you love competing with the best of the best, then Roblox is one online gaming platform you should try.

However, Roblox do not offer an account deletion feature. Hence, creating an account with them is like writing something in a permanent ink.

But after some thorough research, I found some ways to delete your Roblox account you want to get rid of. I have outlined them below.

How to Delete Your Roblox Account

Contact Them

It is true, that in an article in Roblox help center, they said that they do not have a feature for players to delete their accounts, this does not mean that Roblox administrator cannot delete an account. So, contact them by either call or email, amicably tell them your complaints or reasons why you need to have your account deleted, that might do the trick

. They are humans sitting behind the help desk, not robots.

Roblox contact info are

Tel: 888-858-2569


Web Form:

Abandon Your Account

 In the article I mentioned above where Roblox says that they do not have a feature for players to delete their accounts, they also said that If you no longer wish to play on your account, you can just stop. It will remain with them until you’re ready to play again. The reason they gave is that “This way you won’t lose anything you’ve built or created on your account if you choose to return to Roblox.”

However, some people have reported that after they abandon their Roblox account for more than a year, when they try to login back, they discover that their account is no longer with Roblox. For Roblox have taken it upon themselves to delete the account.

While this method is not guaranteed, some users have reported that it works. So, you can try it. Remember to disconnect your bank card and log out your Roblox account before you abandon it. Do not log in for more than 1 year and some months, if possible, do not even visit the Roblox website. Chances are, your account will be deleted.

Violate Their Policy

While this is not recommended, the sure and fastest way to get your account deleted by Roblox is to violate their policy repeatedly, even after several warning by Roblox.

Roblox policy is against the adding of personal information in your profile bio.

They are also very strongly against the use of vulgar words and insults in bio or in chat. And many other policies they have.

Using vulgar and insulting words whether in chat or in your bio is not good because it will not only give Roblox a bad reputation but will also affect the psychology of other users who see it. So please do not resort to using this method.

But if you violate their policy, you will be banned. And after 3 bans, your account will be deleted by Roblox.


So those are they proven ways to delete your Roblox account that I was able to discover while doing my research. If you know of any other method, please use the comment box below to tell me about it, and I will include them after a review.

If you tried any of the suggestion above and it worked for you, tell us via comment so other users will know.

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