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Dead by Daylight Features Silent Hill | All You Need to Know.

Dead by Daylight Features Silent Hill All You Need to Know post thumbnail

Two game makers Behaviour Interactive and Konami Digital Entertainment has merge their two iconic games Dead by Daylight and Silent Hill. The Dead by Daylight now host the Silent Hill gameplay. Here is all you need to know.

How to Play the new Dead by Daylight Silent Hill Chapter 16

The Silent Hill chapter 16 of the Dead by Daylight can be played on the following gaming consoles and platform: PS4, Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Windows PC.

So, if you truly are a gamer, you do not need a new device since you must already have 1 of those.

New Characters

There are two new main character at your disposals in this Dead by Daylight chapter 16 (Silent Hill), while this chapter of Dead by Daylight is the first to allow players to customize character, the collection outfits is in the in-game store. The characters are:

The Executioner (Pyramid Head):

The main focus of Pyramid Head is to administer judgment in the most pain way possible and he is the Killer.  He has 1 killer power Rites of Judgement, and 3 killer perks which are Forced Penance, Trail of Torment, and Deathbound.

Rites of Judgement

With the Executioner blade, you can slit the ground to enable internal confirm. Anyone close to the splitted will be in agony. You will also get the position of any survivor who step through the splitted trail for a short time.

Survivors who step through the trail are also in constant torment through the short time and if they fail into a dying state while in torment, you will be able to banish them to a Cage of Atonement, which is a new to sacrifice prisoners and it is exclusive to the Pyramid Head.

The Executioner also gain an ability that enable him to send a punishing wave that causes damage to survivors from a distance even through obstacles. This ability is known as Punishment of the Dead.

Forced Penance

This perk enabled Pyramid head to still cause damage to survivors who take protection hide.

Trail of Torment

Kicking the generator makes you undetectable. If you active the Trail of Torment perk now, your undetectable ability period will be prolonged.


If a survivor heals another survivor when The Executioner is not in range, they scream during the healing process. Activating Deathbound enables you to get to the healer if they stray away from the one they healed, then you can show them what judgement truly means.

Cheryl Mason

Cheryl Mason is the second new character in the Dead by Daylight chapter 16 (Silent Hill). She is not a killer but a Survivor, so that if you do not want the play the part of the predator (Pyramid Head) then you can still enjoy the game by playing it as the hunted survivor.

Because of her past, you can use Chery Mason to cause havoc for The Executioner, for she is able to survive immense hard and does the job of planning objectives for the other survivors.  

She does not have any special powers like Pyramid Head but she has 3 Survivor Perks that you will find very useful. These perks are?

Soul Guard

The Soul Guard survivor perk enables Cheryl Mason to heal completely from a dying state before any further attack from Pyramid Head can affect her.

Blood Pact

When playing as a survivor, your mission is to help as many survivors stay alive. When a survivor is injured and Pyramid Head is obsessed about killing that person, you can come to the person’s aid by helping to him to heal.

In the process of healing, there is a higher chance that you (Cheryl) will now become the obsession of The Executioner. Activating the Blood Pact reduces that chance.

Repressed Alliance

The Repressed Alliance perk enable Cheryl Mason to call upon the entity to block the generator during repairs, so that you can use the darkness to your advantage.

New Map

Tired of chasing after survivor is the same location? The Dead by Daylight chapter 16 (Silent Hill) comes with a new map called Midwhich Elementary School.

This school is located in the realm of the Entity.


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