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Complete list of apps supported by NVIDIA RTX Voice

NVIDIA RTX Voice is a beta plugin that removes background noise from your environment in your streams, voice chats, and video conference meetings using the AI capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs. NVIDIA has included support for some of the essential apps for Windows 10, which it has officially tested. Whether you’re using the best graphics card or a more affordable GPU, here are all the apps that support NVIDIA RTX Voice.

OBS Studio is a free, open-source recording and streaming software. OBS Studio comes with a ton of functionality, including online video and audio capturing, filters, an audio mixer, and support for the top streaming platforms.

Free at OBS

Streamlabs is a more feature-rich version of OBS Studio, with better integrations. RTX Voice works just as well with Streamlabs as it does with OBS Studio, so if your preferred streaming setup includes Streamlabs, you’re all set.

Free at Streamlabs

XSplit Broadcaster is a fully-equipped video-mixing platform for creating and streaming content. It comes with high-quality audio capture capabilities, and official RTX Voice support adds to those.

Free at XSplit

XSplit is the beginner-friendly, easy-to-use version of Broadcaster, focused on helping users get started with streaming quickly and easily. This simpler version also gets official RTX Voice support.

Free at XSplit

Twitch Studio is Twitch’s streaming software designed to work directly with the streaming service. So as far as Twitch streaming goes, RTX Voice has you covered.

Free at Twitch

Discord is the go-to messaging, voice, and video chat app for gamers. It also has integrated streaming capabilities, and NVIDIA RTX Voice support helps eliminate the background noise for all Discord voice/video chats and streams.

Free at Discord

You can use many voice/video chat platforms and other web apps in a web browser like Google Chrome. With RTX Voice support, the noise cancellation feature extends to all of those web apps.

Free at Google is Blizzard’s gaming platform, with built-in game purchases, DRM, and social networking built-in. RTX Voice officially supports the chat, also known as Blizzard Voice Chat.

Free at

WebEx is the enterprise video conferencing with a ton of business-focused features. With official RTX Voice support, the noise cancellation feature extends to work meetings and video conferences.

Free+ at WebEx

NVIDIA RTX Voice also officially supports Skype, the formerly wildly popular voice and video calling app. If Skype is still your preferred online calling app, you can still get the noise cancellation feature.

Free at Microsoft

Zoom gained massive popularity in 2020, becoming the preferred video calling app for online classes and work meetings. There are some glaring privacy and security concerns around the app now, but RTX Voice still has you covered if you’re a Zoom user.

Free at Zoom

Slack is a widely-used workspace communications platform. It’s commonly used for text-based communication, but it comes with built-in voice and video conferencing capabilities, which NVIDIA RTX Voice officially supports.

Free at Microsoft

Microsoft’s workplace communications platform, Teams, gained steam in 2020, going up against Slack. It is now the top business chat and collaboration platform and is included by NVIDIA in the list of apps that officially support RTX Voice.

Free at Microsoft

Steam is the most popular video game distribution platform for PC. It has its own social features built-in, and Steam Chat is a part of it. NVIDIA RTX Voice officially supports Steam Chat but recommends turning off the native “Noise Cancellation” option for best performance.

Free at Steam

Note: NVIDIA notes that WebEx, Skype, Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams may have issues with RTX Voice.

Using NVIDIA RTX Voice with other apps, GTX GPUs, and NVIDIA Broadcast

RTX Voice works by creating a virtual input device like a microphone, and a virtual output device like speakers or a set of headphones. To use the noise cancellation feature, selecting the input device labeled as “RTX Voice” in your app of choice, or Windows 10 audio settings, should enable it for any app you use. Google Chrome is a solid example of how you can set up NVIDIA RTX Voice and use it with pretty much anything that has a web interface.

Additionally, NVIDIA RTX Voice also works with the older GTX GPUs, provided you’re on Windows 10, with the latest NVIDIA drivers. NVIDIA, however, warns that you may not get the same level of performance from older GPUs. However, this technology doesn’t really rely on the Tensor cores that the new NVIDIA RTX GPUs have. So if you’re one of the many that haven’t been able to buy RTX 30-series GPUs thanks to the stock shortages, you should be fine with a GTX GPU.

NVIDIA RTX Voice has exited the beta and added to the NVIDIA Broadcast app as “Noise Removal.” The improved stable version is only available as a part of NVIDIA Broadcast and not as a standalone app. The catch is that NVIDIA Broadcast only supports RTX series GPUs. So if you want to use RTX Voice with older GPUs, you will have to stick to this beta plugin.

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