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Change Your Twitter Username with These Easy Steps.

Change Your Twitter Username with These Easy Steps post thumbnail

Your Twitter username is the name which is used when replying to your tweet, or when someone wants to get your attention on their tweet(s). Twitter username is also important because it enables others to easily locate your Twitter profile, and thus get to see all your public tweets, if you are the celebrity type.

It is virtually impossible to own a Twitter account without having a Twitter username. However, if the username you chose when registering your Twitter account no longer resonate well with you, I will be explaining to you in details how you can change it.

You should know that you can change your Twitter username on the web and on their mobile app. What this means is that, whether you like using Twitter on a computer, or you use it on your phone using the Twitter mobile app, you can change your username from any device you use.

Let’s start this tutorial by showing you how to change your Twitter username using a web browser.

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Changing your Twitter Username using a Web Browser

Visit the official Twitter website which is on your web browser. When it opens, click on the encircled ellipse button. This is the 3 dots in a circle located before the Tweet button and the left sidebar.

Upon the click on the encircled ellipse button, a menu will pop-up. click on Settings and Privacy on the menu list.

In the Settings and Privacy page, click on Your Account and then on Account information.

After the steps above, you may be requested to enter your Twitter account password. If that is requested of you, enter it, and click the continue button. Then click on Username in the next list of options. This will bring out the Change username form.

On the Change Username form, click on the text area called Username, then clear out your existing Twitter username and type in the new username you want. If it is available, you will see it in the Suggestions section. If it is not, just click on any other unique username from the Suggestions section that you love and then click on the Save button.

Changing your Twitter Username using Twitter Mobile App

Whether you are using the Twitter mobile app on an iOS or Android device, the process of changing your Twitter username follows the same pattern, and is quite similar to the steps mentioned above for changing it on a web browser. So, here are the steps.

Open the Twitter mobile app on your smartphones and tap on your avatar picture and the top-left corner.

In the navigation drawer that appears, tap on Settings and Privacy if it on an Android device. But if it is on an iOS device, tap on the encircled ellipse and then on Settings and Privacy.

Next tap on Account and then on Username.

On the Update Username page, tap on the New text area and then type in the new username you want. If there is a green check mark after you are through typing, it means the username is available, if not, select a unique one from the Suggestions section then click on the Done button.

That is that about changing your username on the Twitter platform. Isn’t it easy?

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What you should know about Changing your Twitter Username.

  • Changing your username on Twitter does not automatically change your Twitter display names, such as your first and last name.
  • After you have changed your username, tweets carrying your old username will not be automatically switched to your new username.
  • Your followers that are currently online the moment you change your username may need to either refresh or log out and then log in back into their Twitter account before your new username will be reflected on their tweet feed.
  • Also know that when you change your username, your old one will be immediately available for someone else to use.

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