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CES 2021 showcases new tech that enhances your best features

From customized lipsticks and skin toners to smart mirrors and virtual hair consultations, new tech featured at CES 2021 helps you put your best face forward for you next virtual meeting and beyond.

Virtual meetings became the new normal in 2020, and they show no signs of slowing down in 2021. Since video conferences are essentially in-person interactions with co-workers, managers, or clients, it’s important to look presentable. Sure, video conferencing software such as Zoom offers a few options to enhance yourself on your computer, but video filters and lighting solutions can only do so much when it comes to improving physical appearances. However, CES 2021 showcased many innovative tech solutions, which can make any virtual meeting attendee look polished and professional.

From customized beauty products to smart mirrors, here are some of the beauty tech highlights from this year’s CES which will help you highlight your best self. 

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Formularity (toner blending device)

By Amorepacific


Formularity (toner blending device) by Amorepacific.

Image: Amorepacific

Washing your face with soap and water isn’t enough to get that squeaky-clean feeling. Amorepacific’s instant active toner blending device, Formularity, can help combat all of the dirt, makeup, and grime that builds up on your face throughout the day. Formularity creates a new dose of skincare product for each use and delivers it on a cotton pad for hygienic application. Just select an ampoule (serum) mounted on the device, and Formularity blends the dose into a liquid toner base. It then soaks a pre-inserted cotton pad with the blended formula and either heats or cools the soaked cotton pad to an ideal temperature for skin absorption. Up to three different skincare ampoules can be installed in the device, making it versatile for changing everyday skin conditions. Plus, users do not need to worry about contaminating the products by hand, since the formulations are completely diluted inside the device and dispensed on a cotton pad.

Smart Salon Consultation

By Backstage


Smart Salon Consultation by Backstage

Image: Backstage

Say goodbye to bad hair days. The Smart Salon Consultation software by Backstage reinvents hair salon consultations with a real-time, photorealistic 3D avatar. By enabling interactive conversations based on actual visuals, the Smart Salon Consultation software allows the client and hairdresser to explore new possibilities, while also reducing frustrations due to misunderstandings. 

Lumini PM (personalized mirror)

By lululab Inc.


Lumini PM by Lululab Inc.

Image: Lululab Inc.

“Mirror mirror on the wall. Now you can be the fairest of them all.” Using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology, the Lumini PM smart mirror by Lululab Inc. functions as a personal “skin” assistant recommending the most appropriate cosmetics, home care devices, and skincare solutions. Just look in the mirror–data acquired from Lumini PM is transferred to the mobile app for analysis. The mobile app then offers a personalized skin diagnosis, recommendations, and provides an interactive community between users with similar skin characteristics. 

Light therapy devices

by DemarkQ


Pop, light therapy device, by DemarkQ.

Image: DemarkQ

DemarkQ, founded by Dutch company Light Tree Ventures, is tackling acne and acne scarring with its three light therapy devices. DemarkQ products use medical grade blue and red LED light therapy to significantly reduce acne and acne scarring, resulting in healthy looking skin. DemarkQ offers three products which are designed for different skin needs: POW ($59) is a treatment with three LED lights, targeting pinpointed breakouts that appear occasionally; POP ($149) is a larger device with 72 LED lights made for zones such as cheeks, forehead, or chin; and WOW ($349) offers a full-face treatment, with a total of 224 LED lights. One treatment takes three to six minutes per day, and users should see results within six weeks of usage.

Lip Factory by Color Tailor Smart Factory System

By Amorepacific


Lip Factory by Color Tailor Smart Factory System by Amorepacific.

Image: Amorepacific

Despite the abundance of lipstick colors available, consumers still may have difficulty choosing the right shade. That’s where Lip Factory by Color Tailor Smart Factory System by Amorepacific, comes in handy. Using AI, the Lip Factory by Color Tailor smartphone app analyzes users’ facial features and recommends a lip color. Then the Lip Factory makeup pigment dispenser manufacturers the lip color for immediate use. The product is capable of creating more than 2,000 customized shades. 

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