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CES 2021: 13 of the coolest products spotted at Pepcom’s Digital Experience

The virtual event featured 55 brands and dozens of tech products from CES 2021, including an Innate Intelligent Toilet, AR smart glasses, and more.


Image: AirPop

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, CES 2021 is being conducted virtually this year. The multiday event has included innumerable tech products and service unveilings. On Monday, Pepcom’s Digital Experience media event opened touting 55 brands and dozens of products from CES. We spent some time perusing the online portal and scoping the latest gadgets and gizmos. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the top offerings from the digital experience.

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Kohler: Stillness Bath and more


Image: Kohler

Kohler’s digital booth offered a variety of tech solutions for the home including a “Stillness Bath” and an “Innate Intelligent Toilet.” In a press release, Kohler explained that the “experiential bath” was inspired by Japanese forest bathing. The bath creates a “spa-like environment” with lighting accents, fog, aromas, and more. Water fills from the bottom of the tub and overflows along the side into a wood moat along the base. The Innate Intelligent Toilet features a heated seat, bidet, and the lid automatically closes and opens.

Lenovo: ThinkReality A3 smart glasses


Image: Lenovo

Lenovo released a variety of new products at CES including new ThinkBooks, low-blue light monitors, IdeaPads, and more. The company’s Pepcom booth showcased Lenovo’s recently unveiled ThinkReality A3 smart glasses to assist workforces across industries with augmented reality (AR) capabilities and “remote expert use cases” via the built-in 8MP RGB camera.

AirPop: Active+


Image: AirPop

The AirPop booth displayed the Active+, which the company described as “the World’s First Smart Air Wearable.” The built-in Halo sensor connects with the AirPop app and details data related to air quality, pollutants blocked, filter status, various breathing metrics, and more.

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Noopl: Noopl 1.0


Image: Noopl

Noopl unveiled a smartphone accessory designed to enhance audio clarity in noisy environments. The Noopl 1.0  “creates a two-way communication link to AirPods Pro” and uses head-tracking to understand which direction a wearer is facing while decreasing background noise. The Noopl Listen app allows users to calibrate settings for greater control over audio.

JLab: JBuds Frames


Image: JLab

JLab’s showcased its JBuds Frames; a wireless audio solution designed to attach to the arms of a variety of glasses. The company described the build as a BYOF (“bring your own frame”) design. The units are IPX4 rated for added durability and the manufacturer estimates the units are capable of more than eight hours of use per charge.

Yale: Smart Delivery Box

The Yale Smart Delivery Box is a security solution for the Amazon Prime era. The box functions as an outside-the-home lockbox to protect deliveries from theft and the elements. Using the paired app, individuals are alerted when a package has been delivered and can control access to the box. An available insulated insert is designed to insulate perishable deliveries.

Trova: Go+

Trova’s booth featured numerous smart storage devices including the Go+. The sleek storage containers offer space to stow valuables such as jewelry, money, credit cards as well as prescription medications. The device connects with a person’s smartphone via Bluetooth and providers owners with alerts when the unit is open. The unit easily fits in a purse, backpack, or luggage for portable security on the go.

D-Link: Wi-Fi range extenders

In the age of remote work and distance learning, reliable Wi-Fi is a valuable commodity for professionals and students alike. D-Link’s booth featured a pair of Wi-Fi range extenders— the  AC1750 Mesh WiFi and the AC1900 Mesh WiFi. The D-Link Wi-Fi App allows homeowners to more aptly manage their network and a built-in Smart Signal Indicator helps optimize placement around the home or office.

HP: M-Series FHD Monitors

HP used its virtual Pepcom space to showcase a number of products including the HP M-Series FHD Monitors. The HP M-Series FHD Monitors include tech to reduce the amount of blue light emitted during use and these capabilities could help reduce the impact of screen time on circadian rhythms.

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Otterbox: Gaming Glass Privacy Guard

OtterBox showcased its Gaming Glass Privacy Guard. According to a company, the Privacy Guard offers “industry-first screen privacy” in landscape positioning to “prevent visual hacking while you game wherever you are.” Additionally, the guard also incorporates an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of microorganisms; a timely addition amid a modern plague.

Belkin: Boost Charge Pro

Belkin boasted its Boost Charge Pro charger. The 2-in-1 wireless charging stand features MagSafe wireless charging capabilities to recharge compatible devices such as an iPhone 12 and AirPods Pro simultaneously.

HyperX: Alloy Origins 60

HyperX used some of its virtual space to display the Alloy Origins 60 mechanical gaming keyboard. Compared to more ubiquitous portable membrane models, mechanical keyboards offer a more haptic typing experience. The Alloy Origins 60’s LED lighting elements are customizable and users can store three profiles for households with multiple users.

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