Bitwarden: How to Manually Autofill a Login Form – Technipages

Bitwarden: How to Manually Autofill a Login Form – Technipages

One of the best features that password managers offer is autofill. The concept of automatically entering your login details is straightforward, but having the feature work is a really great user experience. To ensure that credentials entered are for the correct website, autofill only works for configured entries with a URL. It also requires you to use a site that matches the URL in the entry to have the autofill option.

If you’ve not configured URLs for some or all of your entries, you may feel like you can’t use auto-fill. Indeed, you won’t be able to have your browser automatically enter credentials when the page loads. Nevertheless, you don’t have to copy and paste both the username and password by hand; you can still manually select an entry to autofill.

How to Manually Autofill a Login Form with Bitwarden

To use Bitwarden’s autofill functionality, you need to sign into the Bitwarden browser extension. If you haven’t already got that installed, download the extension for the browser of your choice.

Once the extension is installed and you sign in, click on the Bitwarden extension icon to open the extension pane. Next, find the entry you want to autofill either in the “My vault” tab or via the search bar and open it by clicking on it.

Open the entry that you want to auto-fill.

Scroll to the bottom of the entry page, then click “Auto-fill.” The extension will then autofill the data in the entry into the login form on the page you’re on.

Scroll to the bottom of the entry and click “Auto-fill.”

Autofill is one of the most useful features of a password manager. It provides an excellent user experience, saving you the effort of manually copying and pasting or even typing your credentials. By following the steps in this guide, you can auto-fill data from entries not configured with URLs. They can’t be automatically auto-filled.

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