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2020 has been quite a busy year for Samsung, as we have seen a total of seven different flagship-level devices launched. That number just continues to grow if you were to factor in all of the budget and mid-range handsets. But without a doubt the most interesting device out of all of those smartphones was the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

You can’t use a stylus with the Z Fold 2

The original Galaxy Z Fold was initially met with much fanfare, even with an enormous asking price. But this was a first-generation product and Samsung clearly held back in a few areas, making the Galaxy Z Fold 2 even more anticipated than that of the Galaxy S20 or Note 20.

One reason for the excitement surrounding the Z Fold 2 had to do with the fact that we would be getting a smartphone that folds out into the size of a tablet. Since the Galaxy Note lineup has continued to be popular due to the usefulness of the S Pen, it would make sense for Samsung to bring S Pen support to its futuristic handset.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was launched, and Samsung opted to leave the S Pen support behind. Although it was rumored leading up to launch day, it seems that the S Pen support was omitted due to the type of glass. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 uses a piece of “ultra thin glass” along with a pre-installed screen protector, both of which are placed atop the foldable AMOLED display.

It’s no secret that this display technology is still in its infancy. So, it’s entirely possible that Samsung wanted to wait another year until they could ensure that the nib on the S Pen wouldn’t damage the display accidentally. It’s a smart move, especially with a device priced at $2,000. But after a prototype leaked revealing S Pen compatibility, it only ramped up the rumor mill for the Z Fold 3 even more.

What about the Galaxy Z Fold 3?

That brings us to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The S Pen has been a staple of the Galaxy Note lineup ever since it arrived all the way back in 2011. For years, folks have avoided going for the Galaxy S series. Thanks to Samsung not offering S Pen support for those devices. If you need to be productive on a smartphone, or want a phone that includes the “kitchen sink” the Galaxy Note has been the way to go.

But after seeing the popularity and success of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it seems Samsung’s gearing up for some big changes. Notably, rumors are pointing to a Z Fold 3 launch in June of 2021. The device is likely nearing the stage of mass production, which is rather surprising and may leave Z Fold 2 owners feeling a bit burned.

The reason for the burn has everything to do with the S Pen. The Z Fold 3 coming in June, but the Galaxy S21 Ultra is likely to receive S Pen support. This combination may spell the end of the Galaxy Note line as we know it. Of course, it’s still 2020, but these rumors definitely have some legs and Samsung is ready to shake up the market.

This post was written by Andy Myrick and was first posted to Technipages

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