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Can ping affect FPS? Not exactly, but you can fix both

Although this notion applies to most video-related branches, including but not limited to filmography, CGI, benchmark, and video cameras, this term has gained some considerable traction thanks to the video game industry.

So, to put it shortly, framerate, which is measured in Frames Per Second (FPS), is a unit of measure that describe the smoothness of a certain game that runs on your PC, at a given point.

We say at a given point because, as you may have noticed, complex textures may quickly shift the framerate from a whopping 60 FPS to a frustrating 30 FPS or lower.

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Long story short, FPS means how good your PC (GPU, to be more specific) can handle a game. The more FPS you score, the better.

Can ping affect FPS?

To put it shortly, no. High ping is exclusively tied to networking issues, and is, in fact, a networking/connectivity issue. Sure, having high ping may look somewhat like experiencing low FPS, but the two issues couldn’t be different.

Experiencing high latency doesn’t mean that your GPU stops rendering the game properly, or takes a hit from various connection issues. Jitter, or packet loss (rubberbanding), may seem to be affecting your framerate, but in reality, it does not.

So it’s safe to say that experiencing high ping doesn’t automatically mean your FPS will drop. If it does, it most likely has something to do with your PC’s hardware.

Final thoughts on ping affecting FPS

To wrap it up, can ping affect FPS? No, each of them are caused by distinct factors. High ping is more likely than not a result of poor networking/connectivity, whereas a low FPS is caused by hardware compatibility issues, or your PC’s inability to perform at a higher framerate.

With that in mind, remember that there’s a good reason why the two are displayed in separate sections. Although they may have similar effects, they couldn’t be more different from a technical point of view.

This post was written by Vlad Constantinescu and was first posted to WindowsReport

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