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Buying Tech Gadget is About to Become More Expensive.

Buying Tech Gadget is About to Become More Expensive post thumbnail
Buying Tech Gadget is About to Become More Expensive post thumbnail
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If you have been keeping up-to-date with my blog, you would have noticed that I recently published 2 posts where 1 explain why the Indian government ban 59 apps from Chinese developers, and the second explain why the US government is kicking out Hauwei and ZTE from USA.

Why People are Against China Tech Companies.

USA and the Indians are not the only one that are taking steps against Chinese tech companies. There are at least 2 reasons why the interest in tech gadget and apps that are not from China is in an increase. These are:

Fear of Espionage

Tech companies in China are facing this problem because there have been reports and complains that the Chinese government is/will persuade these companies to share the data of citizens that are not from China with them. And the fear that these tech companies will have no choice but to cave in to the Chinese government demands is not one that is far-fetched.


We all are aware of the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak that started late 2019 started from China.

Many are saying that the COVID19 became a global pandemic, because the Chinese government held back some critical information which prevented many other countries to be able to make quicker and informed response to tackle the spread.

Hence the rage against China and anything (especially tech gadgets) from China is on the increase.

Why this Rage Will Make Tech Gadgets More Expensive.

 What tech gadget can you think of now. Smartphones, computers, phone cases, chargers, or others? No matter the tech gadget you can think off, you will notice that there are either at least 1 or multiple companies in China that is producing it, either as first to manufacture the gadget, or manufacturing it as alternatives to those produced in other countries.

Why is this so, you may wonder. It is because the economy condition in China makes it relatively cheap to manufacture things. China have the largest population in the world, with over 1 billion citizens and the landmark is very large. Thus, it is really not that difficult for manufacturers to see cheap professional labor and space to rent or buy in order to home their manufacturing equipment.

Hence, the tech gadgets from Chinese companies are relatively cheaper (if not the cheapest) compared to those gadgets from tech companies that are not producing their gadgets in China.

If the rage against China continues, it will, undoubtedly affect tech companies from China, as the lashing out will result in pushing out tech gadgets from non-Chinese manufacturers from the world market.

When that happens, it means that we will have to result to the buying of the expensive tech products that are not from China, even though these expensive gadgets offer the same features as those from Chinese tech companies.

What do you think about this thought that just popped into my head?

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