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Blow your $1,400 stimulus check on these 6 home office splurchases

In the age of remote work, the latest stimulus checks could go a long way when designing an ergonomic home office space with lavish accessories to boot.

More than one year into the great remote work experiment at-scale, many professionals continue to telecommute as part of the virtual workday. While some companies have brought employees back to the traditional office, others have made long-term commitments to telecommuting and hybrid work in the long-term.

In the coming weeks, millions of U.S. adults are set to receive $1,400 stimulus checks as part of the American Rescue Plan. In the age of remote and hybrid work, those latest stimulus checks could go a long way when designing an ergonomic home office space with plenty of luxurious accessories to boot.

Here are some of the best home office splurge purchases to help spend those stimulus checks and support the economy.


Image: Room

Due to remote work and distance learning, many homes pull double-duty as an education center and virtual workspace. As a result, privacy is at a premium for many households. The Phone Booth includes a desk, internal outlets, lighting, fans and insulation to mitigate external noise for those seeking to carve out a private workspace at home. At $4,000 a pop, the new stimulus checks will only put a small dent in this payment plan, but interested cohabitating parties could split the cost as a privacy pod timeshare of sorts.

$4,000 at Room


Image: Moon Pod

The Moon Pod exists as a function-focused play on the bean bag and accommodates a variety of positions to suit the task at hand ranging from upright word processing to power naps. The company also offers a larger two-person version called the Super Moon Pod for those so inclined.

$299 at Moon Pod


Image: X-Chair

An ergonomic home office chair is a must for any functional workspace. This X-Chair model is highly adjustable to accommodate a plethora of preferred positionings and features built-in heated massage capabilities. While the workday may not necessarily demand the spa day treatment, the pulsating waves of heat add a refreshing burst to tasks. Read TechRepublic’s full hands-on X-Chair review here.

$1,150 at X-Chair


Image: LifeSpan

Prolonged sitting is one of the less desirable aspects of office work, but there are plenty of ways to add a little movement to the workday. This compact treadmill designed to fit under a desk is a helpful way to log some mileage on the clock.

$900 at LifeSpan


image: Ember

Traditional coffee cups are designed with functionality in mind and aim to merely maintain liquids for convenient sipping. As a result, warm beverages are destined to slowly lose their warmth and settle at room temperature once poured. But there is an alternative. With the Ember Mug 2 smart coffee mug, people can use the paired app to set their desired cup temperature. The charging coaster offers round-the-clock temperature control and an internal battery pack 1.5 hours of use.

$129 at Ember


Image: Uplift Desk

A workday brimming with back-to-back video meetings can be tiring; after all, “Zoom fatigue” is now part of the modern lexicon. This hammock is designed to fit beneath a standing desk to help workers catch a few winks and recharge between virtual collaboration sessions. The compatible UPLIFT V2 standing desk is sold separately ($500), but the $555 combined price tag still leaves surplus stimulus money to burn.

$55 at Uplift Desk


Image: Amazon

The Smart Sticky Note Printer is an Amazon Build It creation. The device, paired with Alexa, is capable of creating hands-free notes using voice commands and “never needs ink or toner,” according to the product page. These capabilities could help individuals jot down notes on the fly or make quick reminders without setting digital calendar dates. Product pre-orders are available until March 19.

$90 at Amazon

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