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Best Xbox One Wireless Headset: For when you want audio without the cables

In the market for the best wireless Xbox One headset? Then look no further. We’ve tested dozens upon dozens of headsets over the years, with a particular focus on what truly makes the best wireless Xbox One headset. Wireless headsets for Xbox tend to be a little pricier than their wired cousins, owing to the extra technology baked within to liberate them from their cable shackles. The best wireless Xbox One headset for you will be different depending on your needs. If you want to find the best Xbox One headset for you, and don’t necessarily mind using a 3.5mm wire instead, take a look at our best Xbox One headset round-up article over at that link. If you’re dead set on finding the best Xbox One wireless headset, then look no further.

Note: Every headset in our best wireless Xbox One headset round-up is confirmed to work on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles.

Best Wireless Xbox One Headset 2020

  1. LucidSound LS35XBest Overall: This is not only our pick for best wireless Xbox One headset but best Xbox One headset in general, excelling in every category.
  2. Astro A50Best Premium: The ultimate in premium convenience and tech, this headset will give you a stellar experience and looks great, thanks to a magnetic charge dock.
  3. SteelSeries Arctis 1Best Budget: The Arctis 1 is easily the best wireless Xbox One headset for affordability, thanks to great sound and general quality for a low price.
  4. SteelSeries Arctis 9XBest with Bluetooth: If you fancy a headset that you can use for gaming at home and out and about with Bluetooth and your phone, this is a great pick.
  5. Corsair HS75 XBBest Pure Audio: If you want a wireless headset that sports incredible sound despite lacking some features, this might be a great option for you.

What is the best Xbox gaming headset?

Xbox wireless headsets take convenience to the next level, ditching the restriction of cables to let you roam free. Or, at least within the listed range. The best wireless Xbox One headset will be different for everyone, depending on your individual needs or preferences. Sadly, there aren’t a ton of viable options out there, at least as of writing, but more and more manufacturers are ditching the cables as the technology has improved over the years.

The vast majority will be more than satisfied with the excellent LucidSound LS35X. We also list it as our best Xbox One headset in general for 2020, owing to its luxurious coolant-gel earcups, gorgeous audio, and convenient features. We also highly recommend the Astro A50, but its RRP is a tough sell for most budgets, costing almost as much as an Xbox One console by itself. That’s because it comes with a powerful magnetic charge dock to complement its overall sound experience, which features excellent audio, exceptional comfort, and beefy battery life. You don’t have to smash the bank to pieces to get a good wireless experience, either. The incredible Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is our best wireless Xbox One headset pick for those on a budget. It nails all the basics, sacrificing a bit of build quality and construction to get its price down.

Here’s our list of top picks for the best wireless Xbox One headset in 2020, examining every use case, price range, and feature set.

LucidSound LS35XSource: Windows Central

1. LucidSound LS35X — Best wireless Xbox One headset Overall

Bottom line: The LS35X is one of the few direct-to-Xbox wireless headsets out there, connecting directly to your console without any added dongles or docks. This makes it that extra bit extra convenient, but that’s not why we’re listing it in the top spot here. The LS35X is our pick for the best wireless Xbox One headset overall due to its quality, great sound, and next-level comfort. This headset will not disappoint.

Speakers: 50mm neodymium | Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz | Compatibility: Xbox Wireless, 3.5mm | Features: Removable mic, on-ear controls, 15-hour battery life


  • Looks great
  • Solid construction and premium materials
  • Gorgeous soundscape
  • Great mic audio with mic monitoring


  • Has to be updated via PC before use
  • You may get distortion at max volume

The LucidSound LS35X is the best wireless Xbox One headset out there, if not the best Xbox One headset in general, owing to its great features, design, and general quality. My favorite feature on this product is the earcups, which are packed with dreamy coolant gel that makes it pleasant to wear even if you’re not gaming. It just feels… nice.

Those great earcups also cleverly bake all the headset’s controls, including volume and sound mix dials cleverly baked into the rim of the earcups, alongside pairing buttons and EQ toggles. They boast 15-hours of battery life out of the box, which means you may be charging them up a little more often than some of the other wireless headsets out there. Still, it won’t cut out mid-session unless you plan on gaming for more than 15 hours in one sitting without plugging them in to charge.

The only real downside is that you have to grab a critical firmware update from LucidSound’s website via PC before using them due to an error with the onboard code. Once you’ve grabbed that, though, the wireless signal is impeccable, whether you’re using it on Xbox or PC via a sold-separately Xbox Wireless dongle.

The LS35X is also one of the best wireless Xbox One headsets for mic quality. This is one area many manufacturers try to save a bit of cash. Still, LucidSound ensured the mic quality remains a top priority, complete with sidetone mic-monitoring and an LED notification light.

To round out this great product is its soundscape, which is also one of the better ones on the market, particularly for this price range. Many headsets prioritize tactical sound, emphasizing highs so that you can hear people reloading or sneaking around corners. The tradeoff is that it can sometimes sound a bit unnatural. The LS35X offers a more balanced soundscape that won’t cost you a tactical edge but remains an excellent option for immersive single-player games or watching movies. This is one headset that simply doesn’t disappoint.

15-hour battery life, coolant-gel earcups, a balanced soundscape, and premium build quality make the LS35X our pick for best wireless Xbox One headset in 2020. This product is the culmination of years of hard work from LucidSound, and the craftsmanship shows. This is one product that won’t disappoint.

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Best wireless Xbox One headset 2020

Astro A50 (2019) headsestSource: Windows Central

2. Astro A50 (2019) — Best wireless Xbox One headset at the high-end

Bottom line: The Astro A50 is a premium headset for those with a bit more cash to splash. The headline feature here is a magnetic charge dock, which is not only super convenient, but it also comes with added benefits like audio mixing between different sources. This is another great all-rounder, but only if you plan to use all of its features.

Speakers: 40mm neodymium | Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz | Compatibility: SPDIF optical, USB (Xbox and PC) | Features: Magnetic charge dock, on-ear controls, 20-hour battery life


  • Magnetic charging station
  • Great software
  • Solid soundscape
  • Awesome features


  • Mic quality isn’t the best
  • If the batteries go flat, the whole headset needs to be replaced

The Astro A50 is the most expensive headset on our list, and for a good reason. This is the only Xbox One wireless headset still on the market with a magnetic charge dock, giving it some serious convenience and panache to go with it. When you’re done gaming, simply drop the headset in the cradle for the evening, and wake up tomorrow to a full charge, complete with notification LEDs to let you know how much juice it has.

The Astro A50 isn’t just great for this reason, though. It’s also the only wireless Xbox One headset on the market that lets you mix audio from a SPDIF optical cable source (your Xbox console or TV, for example) and USB (a connected PC or laptop, or Xbox). This is great for content creators, as it lets you use your Xbox gaming sound while using your headset with a USB connected PC for voice chat or streaming. The Astro software and on-ear controls also make configuration simple and easy, regardless of how complicated you want your set up to be.

The A50 also sports excellent sound, with Dolby audio included, although you can disable it if you’re not a fan. The Dolby audio can help with tactical awareness and precise surround positioning, but it isn’t the most immersive. Thankfully, the A50 can be customized at will, with toggle-able EQ presets and profiles, designed with gaming, music, and movies in mind by default. The Astro A50 sound profile isn’t as impressive as some of the beefier headsets out there, but it won’t disappoint anyone but the most discerning audio fan out there.

The A50 also looks great, and you can grab additional leatherette accessories if you don’t fancy the fabric earcups it comes with, although it’s light and comfortable across long play sessions. The battery life will also grant long play sessions, lasting up to around 20 hours. Many regard this as the best wireless Xbox One headset of all time, and it’s for a good reason.

The Astro A50 is a very expensive headset, but it delivers in every department. With great sound, high-quality software and configurability, a convenient magnetic charging dock, and unique SPDIF and USB audio mixing features allowing you to combine game sound with chat, the Astro A50 is the “do everything” headset. This headset more than earns a place among the best wireless Xbox One headsets of all time.

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Steelseries Arctis 1 Xbox Cyberpunk 2077 HeadsetSource: Windows Central

3. Steelseries Arctis 1 — Best wireless Xbox One headset on a budget

Bottom line: The SteelSeries Arctis 1 is the best wireless Xbox One headset for those looking to save some cash, thanks to its general all-round quality and great features.

Speakers: 40mm neodymium | Frequency response: 12 – 20,000 Hz | Compatibility: Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices | Features: Robust metal design, in-line controls


  • Comfortable and light
  • Looks great, and has a Cyberpunk edition
  • 20-hour battery life
  • Great cross-platform versatility


  • Build quality suffers in this price range
  • Mic audio quality isn’t the best
  • Not great for larger heads

SteelSeries is one of the best headset manufacturers out there, so it’s great to have seen them join the Xbox party with their incredible Arctis 1 headset. For those on a budget, this is the best wireless Xbox One headset out there, and even those who aren’t on a budget, you won’t be disappointed with this product.

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 doesn’t skimp on comfort, bringing SteelSeries’ signature feel with a lightweight, well-cushioned product that sits comfortably on any head. The earcups are spacious and airy, ideal for long sessions, and complimented by the headset’s 20-hour battery life.

The Arctis 1 also looks great, with a subtle but modern design that you wouldn’t mind wearing on the road. And indeed, with this headset, you can. Joining its wireless Xbox and PC support is wireless Android and Nintendo Switch support, owing to an innovative USB-C dongle that picks up the Arctis 1’s proprietary signal. This is a genuinely great feature I’d love to see other manufacturers get on board with (particularly if you, like me, struggle with Bluetooth a bit).

The Arctis 1 might not have the best soundscape on this list, but it doesn’t exactly disappoint, with decent separation and crisp audio across the spectrum. The microphone could be a little better, as well. It gets the job done, but at this price range, don’t expect to be recording podcasts or streaming with this thing.

Overall, this is the best affordable accessory you can buy to inject some quick and easy audio convenience into your Xbox set up. That’s why it’s our pick for the best wireless Xbox One headset for those looking to save a bit of cash.

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 brings many of its signature design principles to Xbox, producing one of the best wireless Xbox One headsets on the market in the process. Complete with various design options at Amazon, the Arctis 1 features excellent sound quality for this price range, although the overall build quality suffers in some ways as a result. To sweeten the deal, SteelSeries includes an innovative USB-C connector for Nintendo Switch and Android, allowing you to take this 2.4GHz wireless headset on the road.

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Steelseries 9xSource: SteelSeries

4. SteelSeries Arctis 9X — Best wireless Xbox One headset with Bluetooth

Bottom Line: The 9X doesn’t quite beat the Astro A50 or LS35X for pure sound quality, but it does have one killer feature: Bluetooth support. This headset lets you mix a signal from your Xbox One and a Bluetooth device simultaneously, allowing you to chat on a PC or phone while gaming away.

Speakers: 40mm neodymium | Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz | Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Bluetooth devices | Features: Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth mixing, on-ear controls, 20-hour battery life


  • Nice design
  • Premium-feeling with solid build quality
  • Lets you combine Xbox and Bluetooth wireless audio


  • This headset is a little on the small side
  • Unless you plan on using the Bluetooth frequently, there are better, cheaper options

The SteelSeries 9X is an alternative to the LS35X that comes complete with Bluetooth support, giving it a potential leg-up in terms of versatility against competing headsets. With this functionality, you can combine sound from your Xbox game with audio from a PC or connected mobile phone for chat. You can also simply use them while out and about with your mobile or tablet, giving them an “all-in-one” feature set that you may find ideal in your search for the best wireless Xbox One headset for you.

The 9X has a great sound profile that is well balanced, perhaps leaning a bit more towards highs and tactical play, making it a good headset for pairing with Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos. The microphone is retractable, which is a nice touch, and sounds decent enough for chat and general comms. You can configure the headset further using a PC and SteelSeries’ excellent software. You can even use it outright on PC if you throw in a Microsoft Xbox Wireless USB dongle.

For those of us with larger heads, the SteelSeries Arctis 9X can feel a little tight around the head over long periods, but for most, it will be among some of the most comfortable headsets you’ve ever worn, owing to its lightweight and cushioning. If you don’t plan on using the Bluetooth functionality too much, the LS35X does come in a bit cheaper, but there are no headsets on the current market that combine the best of both worlds so well.

If you want a headset that can do it all without breaking the bank, look no further than the SteelSeries Arctis 9X. The 9X is comfortable, lightweight, sports great audio, and quite uniquely bakes both Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth 4.1 signals into a single package, letting you mix audio from a connected Bluetooth device like a phone or a PC with your Xbox console experience. An excellent option for those seeking versatility.

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Corsair Hs75 Xb ReviewSource: Windows Central

5. Corsair HS75 XB — Best wireless Xbox One headset for audio quality

Bottom Line: In this price range, there are headsets you may be hoping for more features, but if all you care about is amazing audio, the Corsair HS75 XB is tough to beat.

Speakers: 50mm neodymium | Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz | Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S | Features: Xbox Wireless, on-ear controls, 15 to 20-hour battery life


  • Great, subtle design
  • Premium-feel with high-grade comfort
  • Stunning audio with massive bass
  • Broad soundscape ideal for Dolby Atmos


  • Lacks 3.5mm capability
  • Mic sidetone is too quiet
  • Lacks configuration software

The Corsair HS75 XB is pretty new to the scene and has already made the cut on our best Xbox One wireless headset list for one reason, and one reason alone: big audio. The Corsair HS75 XB has one of the best soundscapes of any headset I’ve used and comes bundled with Dolby Atmos for good measure.

The separation on the HS75 XB is incredibly impressive, isolating different frequencies well, which can help provide a tactical edge while also supporting Dolby Atmos’ precision surround algorithm. I was immediately impressed by how immersive this headset felt while playing Destiny 2 and Call of Duty, with my footsteps distinctly “below” me and other audio cues sweeping around me in a realistic fashion.

Where the HS75 XB falls down a bit is with its feature set. The fact it lacks any form of configuration software may come as a big annoyance for those who aren’t a fan of its bass-oriented sound profile. Indeed, this headset is a truly bass-heavy boy, and if you’re not a fan of that, you can’t tweak it because there’s no software to do so. However, I would argue that the overall sound quality is so good that it almost doesn’t need it.

The Corsair HS75 XB is also big on comfort and design. With thick airy leatherette cushions that keep the headset feeling great even across long sessions. The materials used are also of a high-grade, and the construction feels dense and sturdy while also prioritizing weight distribution. Simply put, this is a great headset that won’t disappoint unless you were hoping for a little more versatility, given its price point.

For what it lacks in versatility features like some of its similarly-priced brethren, the Corsair HS75 XB makes the cut on our best Xbox One wireless headset list for its big audio. Bass-heavy design and a broad soundscape really elevate the Dolby Atmos implementation above similar headsets we’ve used. However, it would’ve been great to see this headset incorporate configuration tools, or even 3.5mm. Either way, if you were looking for something purely based on sound quality alone, the HS75 XB will not disappoint.

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What to look for when buying the best wireless Xbox One headset for you

When trying to find the best wireless Xbox One headset for you, you’re ultimately choosing between features, audio, and price range. Wireless headsets can be a little more expensive than their wired cousins, owing to the tech that gets baked in to make them viable, but the convenience makes the tradeoff more than worth it.

Audio quality can be looked at in various ways and does depend on the individual. Skull shape, ear shape, and all other sorts of factors can affect how you perceive sound, making it hard to create a product that truly fits a “one size fits all” mantra. When it comes to picking the best wireless Xbox One headset for your personal needs, typically, headsets either prioritize the high ranges, which accentuate audio like reloading or footsteps, to give yourself a tactical edge. Others are a bit more balanced, which can sound more immersive. Even better are the headsets that let you control the EQ to suit your needs and tastes. It’s also worth looking at which headsets have mic monitoring and sidetone features, so you can hear yourself speaking.

Features can vary wildly by headset. The Astro A50, for example, has its magnetic charging dock, while the SteelSeries Arctis 9X has Bluetooth support in addition to its other features. When thinking about what type of product you’d need to find the best wireless Xbox One headset, user scenarios can vary wildly between your basic game sound and audio, to something more complex, like needing a set up that supports SPDIF optical out and source mixing.

Price is always the biggest factor when choosing the best wireless Xbox One headset for your needs. The Astro A50 and SteelSeries 9X are certainly the more expensive options on this list, but you may not be the type of gamer who will utilize their entire range of features. You might not need Bluetooth, or SPDIF optical ports, for example. In that case, the LS35X may be the better product, as something that focuses entirely on Xbox One wireless audio and chat. Alternatively, you may want something cheaper still, if you’re buying for a younger relative, for example. The SteelSeries Arctis 1X fits that bill perfectly. The full price range varies, but make sure you’re considering whether or not you actually need all those extra features before taking the plunge on something more expensive.

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