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Best Windscribe Black Friday deals in 2020

Although it’s awful from a security/privacy standpoint, the price of a VPN subscription plan is simply one of the first things consumers focus on, whether we like it or not. However, Black Friday seems to sweeten the deal by a lot for some providers, including Windscribe.

What are the best Windscribe Black Friday discounts?

  • 2 Year plan (Save 69%)$69 billed once ($2.88 per month)

That’s it. Windscribe usually has monthly, yearly, and Build-a-Plan options on its website, but since it’s Black Friday and all, things are a bit different. For now.



Sick and tired of looking for the perfect Black Friday deal on VPN plans? Check out Windscribe’s offer.

However, this is a great deal, considering that the monthly subscription plan costs $9. Grab it while it’s hot, as we have no idea when it’s going to end.

Should I use Windscribe?

use Windscribe

Absolutely. Windscribe is one of the best VPN providers that also offers a great free plan. However, like any awesome thing, Windscribe’s free plan is also limited. Meaning that it is free, but not really if you plan on using for extended periods of time.

Moving on. You’re maybe wondering why should you choose Windscribe. Well, if you like VPNs that mind their own business and never log any of your private online activity, then Windscribe is definitely a good choice.

Surely enough, Windscribe aren’t the only ones who enforce a zero-logging policy, so let’s check a broader list of reasons that might help you make up your mind. By that, we mean Windscribe’s key features, obviously.

  • Zero-logging policy to protect your data
  • High-speed servers in more than 63 countries and 110 cities
  • AES-256 cipher, 4096-bit RSA key, SHA512 auth to prevent traffic monitoring
  • Generous free plans (up to 15 GBs free with Tweet + email confirmation)
  • Includes R.O.B.E.R.T., an IP + domain blocker (malware, ads)
  • WireGuard, SOCKS, IKEv2, and OpenVPN config generators
  • Static IP addresses (optional, costs extra)
  • Split tunneling (allow LAN traffic)
  • Internet kill switch to prevent accidental data leaks
  • Supports port forwarding
    • Desktop client features:
      • Secure Hotspot
      • Firewall (blocks everything outside the tunnel)
      • Lets you create a proxy server on your network (proxy gateway)
      • Enables you to connect through OpenVPN, IKEv2, or Stealth VPN
    • Browser Extension-exclusive features:
      • Double Hop (bounces your connection through 2 servers)
      • Auto Pilot (automatically selects the best location)
      • WebRTC slayer (prevents WebRTC data leaks)
      • Cookie Monster (tracks active cookies and clears them upon closing tab)
      • Ad Blocking (quite self-explanatory)
      • Time Warp (changes your timezone)
      • Split Personality (changes your user agent randomly to prevent fingerprinting)
      • Location Warp (spoofs your GPS to match the proxy server you’re connected to)

As you can see, there are plenty enough reasons to pick Windscribe in the list above. We didn’t even get to mention the witty emails you could receive from its reps every now and then.

Long story short, if you’ve been hesitant about purchasing a VPN subscription plan because of their ridiculous prices, Windscribe’s Black Friday offer might just help you make up your mind.

This post was written by Vlad Constantinescu and was first posted to WindowsReport

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