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Best VPNs with Pennsylvania servers [Tested]

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Note that Windscribe also has a free version you could try before purchasing a subscription plan. On the downside, the free version only provides you with access to a bunch of locations, and the Philadelphia servers are not among them.


HMA VPN is yet another service that has servers in Pennsylvania. Scranton, to be more precise. Thus, there’s no luck involved when it comes to landing on a PA server, you always know you’re gonna get in.

HMA is a UK-based VPN provider and has been around since 2005. Starting with 2016, Avast is the parent company of the project that started as a free website and evolved to become the VPN service we know of today.

HMA VPN has a less pleasant history in regards to data logging, but recent changes have apparently turned it into a no-log VPN.

However, if your only reason for wanting a VPN with servers in Pennsylvania is to watch sports events or local TV content, you may not need to worry about it logging your data. Just turn it off once you’re done using it and you should be fine.

3. Other VPNs that might just work


As a side note, none of the services that we’ve listed in this section have Pennsylvania servers. In fact, most of them have generic US East, US West locations, which may or may not land on Pennsylvania, or somewhere near every once in a while.

Reportedly, some users were able to connect to Pennsylvania servers at some point by choosing US East regions, although the chance of that happening is not exactly known.

We believe that users get assigned to the most optimal server (fastest and least loaded), so there’s no sure way of knowing if you’re going to get a Pennsylvania server connection from these VPNs.

Final thoughts on VPNs with Pennsylvania servers

To wrap it up, if you’re in need of VPNs with Pennsylvania servers, Windscribe and HMA VPN are your best picks. They both provide you with servers in the Pennsylvania state, so there’s no game of chance involved there.

You may want to try your luck with other services on our list, such as PIA, CyberGhost, or ZenMate VPN, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll land on a Pennsylvania server.

According to Internet discussion boards, it only happened to a bunch of users, without any additional assistance on their side, so it’s pure luck.

This post was written by Vlad Constantinescu and was first posted to WindowsReport

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