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Best SSD encryption software [2021 Guide]

VeraCrypt is a free opensource software considered as the direct successor of the TrueCrypt historian.

As opposed to TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt uses some improvements that allow you to trust on an even higher level of protection.

VeraCrypt allows you to create encrypted containers (volumes) within which you can save personal files and sensitive data. You can create the encrypted volumes on a local hard disk or on any removable hard disk or USB stick. You will only need to take care to mount the container after connecting the outdoor unit and disassembling it before removing it.

So, the application allows you to protect the contents of the hard disk and removable drives by fully encrypting it.

How to encrypt a hard disk with VeraCrypt

  1. Launch the VeraCrypt installer by selecting the Install option.  You can choose the Extract option if you do not intend to protect the system partition or the system disk. Remember that the system partition is the one hosting the operating system. 

By choosing Extract you can still create encrypted containers and protect non-system partitions. In this case, you can save the files necessary for the VeraCrypt operation in a folder of your choice. You will, then, use the program as “portable” software.

In case you decide to install VeraCrypt on your system, the application creates – by default – a recovery point.

2. Connect the removable drive or the hard disk to be protected.

3. Start VeraCrypt.

4. Click on the Create volume button.

5. Click on Encrypt to non-system partition / drive then follow the instructions.

6. Choose between creating a VeraCrypt Standard volume and a hidden VeraCrypt volume.

For example, after you have encrypted the removable drive, nothing will happen when you connect it to your computer. To access the content of the storage unit, you will need to start VeraCrypt and mount it, using the interface.

You can mount or unmount then the encrypted volumes. If you choose the first option, you can to access the respective content. Vice versa, you make it impossible to access by unauthorized persons.

You should choose an encryption algorithm for data and a keyword (passphrase) that you will take care to keep jealously. Why so? To create a container encrypted volume (Create an encrypted file container option) or to protect a removable drive or an external hard drive.

How do I protect the system partition with VeraCrypt?

Alternatively, you can choose to encrypt the system partition or the entire system drive option by installing VeraCrypt. It protects the contents of the hard disk where the operating system is installed by encrypting all the files and folders.

This way, the content of the hard disk will not be readable by third parties that do not have a personal password.

VeraCrypt will encrypt automatically and completely all files, including temporary files, files used to manage the hibernation procedure (automatically turn on and off the computer), swap files, and so on.

Using encryption on the system partition or disk involves activating a pre-boot authentication mechanism.

Before loading the operating system, VeraCrypt asks to specify the passphrase or the personal keyword chosen when encrypting the unit.


  1. Click the Create Volume button.
  2. Select the Encrypt the system partition or entire system drive.
  3. Select Normal.
  4. Choose whether to encrypt only the partition containing the operating system or the entire hard disk.
  5. Determine whether you want to encrypt the area, if any, located at the end of the hard disk, used by RAID systems, tools for system recovery, troubleshooting, diagnostics, and so on.
  6. Create an emergency disk (Rescue Disk). You can use this disk to restore the startup of the operating system if you forget the passphrase or in case of malfunctions.

Download VeraCrypt

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