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Best RAM Cleaner Apps to Make Your Android Phone Faster

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True, there are quite a number of things you need to do if you want your old Android phone to be running as fast as it was when you first bought it. But the fact is, clearing your device RAM might be all that is needed in your part. Why?

RAM is where all the applications or files you are currently viewing is stored. Android phones are designed in such a way that after you finish using an app, and then you press the home button (and sometimes, even after you have exited), the app will no longer show on your screen, but it will still be left in the RAM memory so that if you decide to go back to then app, then the app will faster in responding because it is already in your device RAM.

Why your Device RAM usage matters

The concept of keeping applications still running in your Android phone RAM after you press in home button comes from a good intention. But because RAM are not as large as your device storage are, it gets filled up easily if you are the type that use too much apps within a short time, and that is where the problem starts. For when the RAM is full, it makes it difficult to for you to use new apps or open new files, and in most cases, it even makes it more difficult for you to return to an app which is already running in your device RAM.

So, clearing your Android device RAM from time to time makes it that apps you are no longer using or files you are no longer viewing are not eating up your phone’s RAM. When the RAM is free like a bird, then you get a smooth experience when using your Android device.

Hence, below I will be outlining and listing other great third-party application that does the work of cleaning your Android phone RAM perfectly and so they are loved and used by millions of people like you around the world.

Built-in RAM Cleaner for Android Phones

If you are not a fan of having too much apps on your phone, then know that most recent Android phones comes with a preinstalled RAM cleaner app.

These built-in apps can be called, One Touch Cleaner, or Accelerator. If they do not have either of those name, look for a strange app icon in your phone app list that when you tap on it, it will rotate for some time and then explode in a form of waves leaving it. That is the built in RAM cleaner app for your device.

Like I earlier mention, there are third-party application that does the job of cleaning your Android phone RAM more perfectly than the built in RAM cleaner app. These applications are:


Created by the makers of the popular cleaning tool for computers Piriform, CCleaner do not just free up your RAM, it also have an option stop background processes from non-essential app like your news app, which will be running in the background so as to notify you of the latest news you might not be interested in.

Apart from stopping background process from non-essential apps, it can also be used to clear up junk such as cookies from browsers that have expired or advertisement banner from free apps that was saved on your device. And what makes me love CCleaner is that it analyzes your install applications so as to tell you which of them is draining your smartphone battery.

CCleaner is rated 4.6 star in Google Play by over 1.4 million users. It has a total of more than 50 million installs. These stats show that CCleaner is truly a great RAM cleaner app for your Android smartphone.

Clean Master

With over 900 million downloads from people from over 100 countries, Clean Master by Cheetah mobile is by far the number 1 choice if you are looking for the best RAM cleaner application for your Android smartphone. I put it below because as of when I was compiling this list, it is not in Google Play. However, you can download it from the CheetahMobile official website.

According to a stat I saw, Clean Master removes 30% more junk than other apps, and it was named best antivirus software for Android by independent IT-security institute AV-TEST on multiple occasions.  

This means that apart from cleaning up the junk occupying your RAM, Clean Master also keeps your Android phone save from virus, trojans, spyware and other vulnerabilities.

Unlike CCleaner, Clean Master do not just stop background process of non-essential apps that you are not currently using, it hibernates the app.

Auto RAM Cleaner

Auto RAM is among the best RAM cleaning tool for Android devices not just because it does its job perfectly, but because it adds an extra. It cleans your RAM automatically every time you unlock your screen, though you have to set it this way first.

But isn’t this a great feature? No more waiting for you Android phone to start lagging before you will remember to clean up the RAM, it does it automatically.

Another reason why you need to opt-in for Auto RAM cleaner is because it is lightweight compared to others. So, you no longer need to worry about a RAM cleaner eating up device ROM. No wonder it has over 1 million installs from Google Play.

All-in-one Toolbox

The All-In-One Toolbox is truly and all-in-one application. Just take a look at some of the thins the All-In-One Toolbox RAM cleaner app for Android smartphone does.

It cleans up your RAM and other junks including stopping non-essential background processes. Cools your device CPU by automatically closing inactive apps you forgot to close. It also disable some unnecessary start up apps that is making your phone to delay whenever you turn it on.

In All-In-One Toolbox, you get a File manager, an App manager, a System info manager that gives you vital information about your smartphone hardware.

Other Great Android Phone RAM Cleaner Application you Should try

Files By Google (Download)

APUS Security – Booster (Download)

AVG Cleaner (Download)

Go Speed (Download)

Cleaner by Apex App (Download)

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