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Best Quiz Creation Apps for Android and iOS Devices.

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Quiz are great because it tests not just your knowledge but your ability to remember. This is why quiz is important to the grading process of schools. Also, employers use it to determine the future of an employee.

Seeing how important quiz is, it will be unwise to go into a quiz section without the necessary preparation. It is to this end, that I have compiled the best quiz creation apps for Android and iOS smartphones, so you can use to test your knowledge, before going for the main one.

So here is the list of the best quiz creation apps for Android and iOS devices.

Quiz Maker (Create Quiz, Questionnaire & Test)

Quiz Maker features screenshot

This is an Android only application, but it is the best quiz creation app I was able to discover when I was writing this post.

This app not only enable you create interactive tests quizzes, it also allows you to export it as a .qcm file, so you can share it with your friend who as .qcm reader application.

What this means is that, if you want to share a quiz you created with a friend, you do not need to force them to install the Quiz Maker app if they do not want to. Any other quiz app that is capable of reading .qcm files can be used to take quiz created with this app.

Download Quiz Maker Android

Quizzer (create quizzes and tests)

Quizzer features screenshot

Quizzer is another wonderful, but Android only app that allows you to create quiz.

Just like in Quiz Maker also be able to share the quiz you have created with your friends. But in this case, you friend has to install the Quizzer app.

One of the thing that makes Quizzer unique is that you can lock a quiz, so someone else who have access to your device will not be able to spy on it.

Apart from just including the answer in the quiz question options, Quizzer also give you an option to add a write up which will serve as a reminder as to why the answer is the right one.

And it has an automatic scoring feature, which will rate your performance over 100%.

Download Quizzer Android

MTestM: Create your own exams and tests

MTestM features screenshot

Unlike the first 2 above, MTestM is both an Android and iOS app.

The app is created specifically as an exam creator. Meaning, teachers can use it to give assignments for distant learning students.

Another advantage of MTestM is that, it has a community that makes their formulated quiz or exam questions public. Study quiz from this community will enable discover more details and areas you may have overlooked.

With regard to your own which you created, you can decide to share it with the community or keep it private. And you can organize them into folders.

Also, with MTestM, you can decide to re-test yourself based on the questions you have gotten in the past or those you have failed. Rather than go through the whole quiz again.

Download MTestM Android | iOS


TestMaker features screenshot

Similar to MTestM, TestMaker is a quiz creation app for both Android and iOS devices. But unlike MTestM, it does not have an active online community where you can get quiz that have been made public by others.

TestMaker was developed with the following purpose in mind:

  • Memorization of foreign languages ​​such as English words
  • Archaic memorization
  • History memorization
  • Periodic test preparation
    • Junior high school test preparation, And high school test preparation
  • Center Exam
  • Memorize for qualification acquisition
  • Your own memorization book creation

Download TestMaker Android | iOS

Topgrade Quiz Maker

Topgrade Quiz Maker features screenshot

Loved by over 50,000 people that have installed it, Topgrade Quiz Maker is another best quiz creation app for Android and iOS devices.

Apart from allowing you to create your own customized quiz, Tograde Quiz Maker gives you the option to download their own crafted quiz on a subject matter.

The app also has an AI that will randomly select the questions to ask you, if you do not want to do a quiz in a chronological manner. And it has a text-to-speech feature. Meaning, it can read out your quiz questions for you.

From the dashboard of the Topgrade Quiz Maker app for both Android and iOS, you will be able to see your overall performance, based on the total quizzes you have taken.

It also has a multi-player feature. Hence, you and a friend (classmate or colleague) can engage in the same quiz.

Download Topgrade Quiz Maker Android | iOS

Other Great Quiz Creation Apps for Android and iOS

TriviaMaker – Quiz Creator, Game Show Trivia Maker
Download Android | iOS

Quiz Maker – Make Quizzes
Download IOS

Quiz Maker - Make Quizzes features screenshot

QuizCards: Flashcard Maker for Study and Quiz
Download Android

QuizCards features screenshot

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