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Best Official Minecraft Merchandise, Toys, and Gifts in 2021

Official Minecraft Merchandise, Toys, and Gifts
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Ever since its original debut way back in 2009 (if you can believe it), Minecraft has become a global gaming phenomenon, attracting millions of fans, young and old alike, to its incredibly addicting gameplay and easy-to-learn creation tools. Due to its popularity, Minecraft has become home to tons of high-quality merchandise items over the years. Here are our favorites.

Staff favorite

The Pig Riders Adult T-Shirt for adults is the perfect way to show your Minecraft spirit. The design is cool, yet not overly flashy in any way. It’s also made out of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which ensures a nice balance between comfort and shrink-resistance.

$10 at Minecraft

The Midnight Chase Youth T-Shirt features an awesome-looking design with iconic Minecraft characters like Steve, zombies, and a creeper, and it’s made with 100% ring-spun cotton for maximum comfort.

$15 at Minecraft

This 1TB Xbox One S model comes with an awesome-looking Minecraft skin that’s reminiscent of the dirt blocks you see in-game. It comes with a sweet creeper-themed Xbox One controller, too.

$335 at Amazon

This is the same controller that comes with the Minecraft Xbox One S, but it’s sold separately. The sickly green creeper color looks super cool, and the controller also comes with textured grips for enhanced comfort and Minecraft font on the buttons.

$58 at Amazon

The Pig Xbox controller features the iconic face and color of the adorable pigs you can find in Minecraft, and like the creeper-themed controller, the grips are textured, and the ABXY buttons have Minecraft font on them.

$60 at Amazon

This Steve costume is a fantastic way for your little one to dress up Minecraft-style. It offers a boxy and easy-to-wear suit and a large, 10-inch mask that fits comfortably over a child’s face.

$33 at Minecraft

The Creeper Rush Cap is the best baseball cap-style hat available officially for Minecraft, featuring a sleek black-and-green look with three creepers on the front. In addition, it’s also got an awesome mesh back that helps keep your head cool in high heat.

$20 at Minecraft

The Creeper Stripe Beanie shares the same sleek black-and-green look as the Creeper Rush Cap, and its got a 100% acrylic knit construction that will keep the head warm in the cold.

$20 at Minecraft

This neat little wallet features a cool design that will remind players of their spider-riding adventures, and it doesn’t look overly crazy style or color-wise, which is great. Additionally, it has a translucent ID slot and five slots for various card types.

$20 at Minecraft

The Creepy Creeper backpack is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new backpack. Its creeper-themed design is super cool, and it also has enough room inside for a full 17-inch laptop, books, and plenty of various other items.

$30 at Minecraft

The Dirt Block Lunchbox is a roomy 8.5-inch container perfect for holding your lunch throughout the day, and its design features a detailed rendition of the iconic Minecraft dirt block.

$15 at Minecraft

The Grand Adventure Creeper Plush is a soft and fluffy 16-inch tall plush made out of polyester fibers, meaning that it’s both fun to play with and comfortable for children to snuggle with in bed.

$30 at Minecraft

The Mining Steve Action Figure is a fully-articulated, 5-inch action figure of the iconic Minecraft character Steve. In addition to the figure simply looking awesome, you can even make Steve swing his pickaxe, adding play value into the mix.

$15 at Minecraft

The LEGO Minecraft: The End Battle set depicts the famous “final boss fight” of Minecraft, offering buyers Dragonslayer, Ender Dragon, and Enderman figures to build. They’ll also get a code to unlock the Dragonslayer skin in-game.

$20 at Minecraft

The LEGO Minecraft: The Melon Farm set depicts a dangerous encounter between a creeper and Steve, his pig steed, and a villager. You also get a chest and a handful of food item pieces for setting up a diorama.

$30 at Amazon

The Light-up Adventure Sword is an awesome handheld toy that looks like the sword from the game. It also lights up and makes cool sounds thanks to its triple AA batteries, with the first set of these included in the box.

$35 at Minecraft

The Minecraft Graphic Novel is a new story that features protagonist Jack and his friends attempting to challenge and take down the infamous Ender Dragon. It’s got 88 pages, so there’s plenty of fun reading to be had here.

$10 at Minecraft

This 76-by-86-inch set features a full-sized comforter, fitted and flat sheets, and pillowcases make the perfect bedding set for any young Minecraft player. The design looks awesome, and the whole package is made out of warm polyester material and fill.

$75 at Minecraft

If we had to choose

There’s a ridiculous amount of officially-licensed merchandise out there for Minecraft, and chances are, there’s something out there that will suit your needs or desires no matter what they are. If I had to choose one for myself, though, I would go with the Pig Riders Adult T-Shirt, as I think the design is really cool, yet not overly crazy as to draw unwanted attention to me while I’m out-and-about. Plus, you can get it at a fantastic price, which you often can’t say about brand shirts.

People looking for something for the kids to play with should check out the Light-up Adventure Sword for its cool electronic effects that add plenty of play value, as well as the design and shape, which is accurate to the swords you see in the full game. If you’re picking something up for someone who loves to read, then the 88-page adventure story within the Minecraft Graphic Novel will be perfect due to its neat take on the Minecraft art direction, as well as the fairly large size of the story overall.

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