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Best Hulu Alternatives That People Love.

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Gone are those days where you have to visit a movie store to buy or rent movie disk before you can watch them. These days, you can watch the latest movies and TV shows right from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or computer.

Hulu is one such great website that offers you the ability to stream movies and TV shows with your smart devices that has internet connection. However, because Hulu is a US streaming service for now, I and many other people who do not reside in the US cannot use them without a VPN, and VPN subscription is not that cheap.

So, in the list below, I will be outlining great video streaming service where you can watch the latest movies and TV shows from. While they are great alternative to Hulu, they are also not free like Hulu. But when compared to Hulu, they are cheaper.


Netflix is the most famous Hulu competitor, and thus is the best alternative to Hulu which you will love. The added advantage is that you can access Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Thus, if you are going on vacation to another country, you will not be concerned about getting another streaming service for your favorite movies and TV Shows, because Netflix goes everywhere you go.

More to that is the fact that Netflix offer their users exclusive Movies and TV Shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

Because Netflix membership is paid for, it never shows commercials.


Backed by Sony a leading media company, Crackle offer you access to free movies and TV Shows that is produced by Sony and it affiliate production studios.

However, the content available to be watched is being rotated on a monthly basis. So, it is not like all movies and TV Shows that have ever been made by Sony and it affiliate production studios are made available for you to watch whenever you feel like.

You have to go with the one that was made available for that month. Nevertheless, Crackle is free. That is, you can watch Sony movies and Shows completely free with Crackle.

Amazon Prime Video

Unlike Netflix that offers you unlimited content for a monthly fee, Amazon Prime Video streaming service offer on-demand content. That is, you pay only for the Movies and TV Shows that you want to watch.

But the great news is, Amazon Prime as more premium content that every other Hulu alternative.

And another fascinating thing about Amazon Prime Video is that it allows you to download the Movies and Shows you have bought so that you can view them offline, and at your own pace.

Cost for using Amazon Prime Video is greatly reduced, and sometimes even eliminate if you subscribed to the Amazon Prime full membership package.


Popularly known as the best platform for purchasing, organizing, and listening to music, iTunes now is adding Movies and TV Shows to the list of contents you can get from them. Thus, making it a great alternative to Hulu.

Moreover, just like Amazon Prime Video, iTunes contents are paid for individually, so there is no membership plan that will give you unlimited access to all iTunes content.

iTunes is best for iPad, iPhone, and Mac users because it is built by Apple, and is meant for Apple products. However, you can still use iTunes if you are not using any Apple product.


YouTube is the most popular video streaming site and thus a great Hulu alternative. However, YouTube have a limited premium content, because the main focus of YouTube is to allow user create and upload videos that will go viral.

Nonetheless, you will find some TV Shows, Movies, Music, Hacks and tutorial videos on YouTube that are free to watch. In fact, when it comes to Music, Hacks and tutorial videos, YouTube is to go to get place.

The premium version of YouTube allows you to rent movies and TV Shows for a few days at minimal cost.

But because most of YouTube contents are users generated, you will find lots of Movies and TV Shows uploaded by users for free viewing.


Vudu is a Hulu look alike site from Walmaart. And just like Hulu, Vudu streaming service is available to only US users.

But an amazing thing about Vudu is that Movies, TV Shows and other contents you buy from Vudu can be picked up as DVD or Blu-Ray Disc at Wal-Mart (or other participating retailers) store. 

More to that is that Vudu allows you to share the movies you have bought with others. So, you family member does not need your Vudu account to watch the movies and TV Shows you have bought.

With Vudu, you can purchase movies and TV Shows if you do not want to subscribe to the monthly membership package, thus making Vudu a best Hulu alternative.


As of now, Hostar is the best streaming site in India. It not only allows you to stream popular TV Series, Web Series and Movies, it also gives you the ability to stream live sports.

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