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Best heavy duty laptop cases for extra protection

  • IP67 rated for water and dust protection
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Easy open latch
  • Excellent foam protection

Pelican 1085 is a hard shell laptop case that can protect your laptops from accidental drops, dust, and water spills. It comes with an interior O-ring gasket that keeps it dry and free.

Pelican 1085 features Pick N Pluck cushioned foam that you can configure for a precise fit to your laptop for safe travel. The easy-open Throw Latch will keep the case shut even if the case is dropped.

It can fit a notebook computer up to 14 inches and comes with an automatic pressure equalization valve that keeps water and dust out. The included Shoulder strap is detachable as well.

  • Hardshell case for 15.6 inch laptops
  • Convoluted lid foam protection
  • IP67 rating for water and dust protection
  • Easy latch opening
  • Included straps are flimsy

Pelican 1095 is another foam coated laptop case that comes with IP67 water-resistant and dust protection rating from the company. It is designed to fit 15.6″ notebooks with ease with Pick N Pluck with convoluted foam.

The case creates a tight seal when it is shut using the Waterlight Gasket. Other features of the case include an automatic purge valve to keep water and dust out while balancing air pressure, a removable shoulder strap, and an easy-open latch that remains shut under pressure or after impact.

  • Hard and crushproof shell
  • Multiple protective foam layers
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Can fit large size laptops

Casematix Waterproof Case is a hard shell laptop case that offers crushproof protection for 15″-17″ laptop and accessories including chargers, keyboards, mice, tablets and more.

Casematix case features a shock-absorbing foam interior that offers ultimate protection during accidental drops and collisions. It is also water-resistant.

Case’s hard shell is constructed from durable hard polymer composite plastic that offers maximum protection for your laptops and accessories.

Laptops are usually an expensive investment, so having a heavy-duty case can prevent damages due to accidental drops, collision or water spills to your laptop.

All the heavy-duty cases listed above offer shockproof and waterproof casing with plenty of space to carry your laptop and related accessories in one case. Go through the products and let us know what you pick in the comments below.

FAQ: Learn more about Laptop cases

  • Is laptop sleeve or case better?

Laptop sleeves are lightweight and offer basic protection from scratches. Heavy-duty cases, on the other hand, are water and shock proof.

  • Are hard shell case good?

Hardshell laptop cases compared to laptop bags  comes with IP67 rating for water-resistant and can protect your laptop from accidental drops and collision.

  • Are laptop cases worth it?

Even if you have premium laptop insurance to cover accidental damages, a laptop case will protect your device from dust, dirt, scratches, and spills.

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