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Best Cheap PC Games 2020

Cheap PC Games
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PC gaming opens your world to countless games, including many available at ultra-low prices, with options across all budgets. Whether you’re looking for cheap deals on great gaming experiences or looking to get started absolutely free, we’ve rounded up the best cheap PC games at their best prices this December — all providing insane value below $25.

Microsoft’s PC game subscription pulls millions with over 100 games available to download on your system for a flat monthly fee. It includes Microsoft favorites like Halo, Forza, and Gears of War and top titles like Among Us, DOOM, Dead by Daylight, and more. It’s usually $10 a month, but you can get started for just $1 today. It’s one of the best deals in gaming, ideal when searching for gaming on the cheap.

$1 at Microsoft (Usually $10 /mo)

Staff Pick

Among Us has witnessed soaring popularity, with this space station-set social deduction game a smash hit throughout 2020. While crewmates complete a brief list of assigned chores, imposters aim to sabotage the facility, killing the occupants without raising suspicion. It’s best played with friends, making for an unmissable online social experience.

The Witcher 3 isn’t just a great RPG; it’s among the few true masterpieces available on PC. As the legendary monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia, players will explore its deep open-world, facilitating tight combat and top-tier storytelling. It remains a must-play, with current sales putting this firmly within the affordable bracket.

Call of Duty picked up its first free-to-play battle royale earlier this year, with more changes on the horizon in tandem with the release of Black Ops Cold War. It’s one of the best in the growing genre, translating many iconic weapons, killstreaks, and locations from past series entries into a single experience.

Free at

This virtual Takeshi’s Castle or Wipeout compiles dozens of fun mini-games into a heated competition, with contestants eliminated at the end of each round. It launched to instant fame with its PlayStation and PC releases earlier in 2020, capturing our hearts with its vibrant playground games.

$20 at Steam

Staff Pick

While first launched almost one decade ago, we’d be ashamed if you’re yet to pick up Portal 2 for your PC. While its puzzle-platforming gameplay makes for an unforgettably quirky single-player story, it also has a gripping cooperative mode to enjoy alongside one buddy.

$10 at Steam

Once a defining name in the first-person shooter, DOOM made its modern-day return coupled with the most fluid, goretastic action you’ll find on PC. The latest DOOM Eternal can now be found below $20 through the end of the year, with a lengthy single-player campaign you won’t forget and multiplayer mode to pair.

With an epic serving of Greek mythology, non-stop action, an addictive roguelike progression system, and a surprisingly deep build system, don’t skip on Hades. Its artwork, soundtrack, and addictive gameplay loop all keep you hooked beyond the traditional isometric RPG formula, even selected for our “Best Independent Game” award in 2020.

$25 at Steam

Microsoft brought its legendary Halo franchise to PC throughout this year. While Halo: The Master Chief Collection costs $25 altogether, you can pick up Halo 1-4, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach individually too. You can find them for $10 a pop, with the campaign, multiplayer, and other supporting modes as they shipped years ago.

Ubisoft’s tactical multiplayer shooter just wrapped another hot year, famed for its tense combat and intertwined gadget-wielding Operators. It’s entering its sixth year of free post-launch updates, with current pricing makes this an affordable shooter to sink your time.

The battle royale that started it all continues to pull millions today, and with its free-to-play offerings, it offers crazy long-term value. While robust combat and supporting building mechanics established its identity, continued collaborations and high-profile events have propelled Fortnite far beyond industry rivals.

Free at Epic Games

Take your position at the border of Arstotzka, overseeing immigration, checking through documents, and determining the fate of those entering the dystopian communist state. It’s a genius, slow-paced puzzle setup about cross-referencing passports and paperwork as a checkpoint guard. Surprisingly thrilling, likely different to anything you’ve played before.

Partner up in a four-player pack of ghost hunters, uncovering all types of supernatural mysteries across various locales with the aid of specialist equipment. It’s one of the latest trending cooperative experiences on PC, with regular updates tied up in an early-access price tag.

$14 at Steam

PC gaming without hurting the wallet

Picking up new games doesn’t need to cost $60 a time, and with PC gaming opening your horizons to numerous established storefronts, you can find some must-play experiences for cheap. Various indie titles have also seen themselves among the best PC games in 2020, which means you don’t need to overspend to play the latest and greatest.

Among Us remains one of the hottest titles on PC, with its social deduction gameplay seeing players interrogate their crewmates, hunting down the imposter among the group. It’s an accessible title that almost anyone can understand, seeing players talk themselves out of hot water and deceive the pack while picking up on social cues that could expose those hiding the truth. It’s best experienced with a handful of friends, especially valuable in an era of social distancing.

But if you’re searching for the best possible value in gaming, the Xbox Game Pass PC subscription could be your best bet. Microsoft’s Netflix-style game subscription service provides access to a list of over 100 titles on Windows 10, all available for download directly to your PC. It includes some of the latest Microsoft releases like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Forza, as well as third-party releases like Among Us, DOOM Eternal, and No Man’s Sky. While usually $10 a month for access, an ongoing promotion serves up your first month for just a $1 introductory fee. Now that’s a great value proposition.

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