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Become a Windows expert with these tips

From getting better at Excel to securing a Windows server, these ebooks can help you master Microsoft software for work.



Microsoft Windows continues to dominate the business world as the operating system of choice, and it’s unlikely that will change anytime soon. It’s easy to become proficient in Windows and Microsoft software, but there’s a lot to learn to go from proficient to expert.

These four resources from TechRepublic Premium will help you learn where all the bells and whistles in Windows and Microsoft Office products are hidden and how to use them. They aren’t just for Windows users, either: macOS users can benefit from these tips, too.

How Apple users can make the most of Microsoft 365 at work

Microsoft software isn’t just for Windows users: The team from Redmond has made its incredibly popular Microsoft 365 suite of software available for macOS, and it integrates just as well with Apple computers as it does with Windows PCs. This guide will help macOS users learn how to benefit from Microsoft 365 products, how to install them, and also contains additional resources to help you master all that Microsoft 365 offers.

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Power checklist: Securing Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 isn’t the newest version of Microsoft’s Server operating system, but it still holds a large portion of the market share thanks to its proven capabilities and deep security controls. This checklist details all of the steps needed to set up a secure Windows Server 2016 computer, as well as recommendations for third-party software to further protect sensitive machines.

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Windows 10 Start menu hacks

The Start menu in Windows 10 differs greatly from the versions that came before it, and for the most part those changes are positive: There’s a lot more customization options in Windows 10 than Windows XP or Vista offered. On the downside, all those options mean a lot more complication, which can be overwhelming to those who don’t know the right tricks. This download can help you benefit from all the features of the Windows 10 Start menu without the headaches. 

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30 Excel tips you need to know

Microsoft Excel is an incredibly powerful program, and most people who use it on a regular basis only scrape the surface of its features. Do you know how to split a column using the IF() function, expose expressions that return defined errors, or copy an Excel sheet from one workbook to another? If not, those tips and more await you in this guide. 

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